Cancer Personality
June 22 - July 21
Ruler: Moon. Cardinal Water
Sensitive, sympathetic, shrewd

The Cancer Personality:

Understanding a Cancerian can be quite challenging at times. At best, they can be kind, affable, helpful, nurturing and thoughtful however they can also be, temperamental, moody, short and snappy. Sometimes they listen with great empathy to others and help them out or they act with complete disinterest. They are sensitive and deep down they fear ridicule and can over react to a simple comment.

When it comes to their material possessions or home environment, they are particularly protective and defensive. The things they collect, then hoard, eventually become associated with treasured memories.

As they have strong need for material and emotional security, they will actively create an environment where they feel safe from the world, its problems and pressures. Symbolised by the crab, they will withdraw into their 'protective shell' should they find themselves in hostile situations. However they are quite capable of giving the impression of self assurance and toughness while actually feeling quite vulnerable.

They can be canny investors and they pay their bills on time and expect you to do the same. Cancerians have a great sense of responsibility for others, in particular their family and as such family bonds may create a clannish mentality. If the family or a loved one is threatened they become courageous and can be more manipulative than the Scorpion who is known to be the master of manipulation, so be warned. Their particular brand of manipulation uses emotional blackmail to perfection!

They can be shrewd, intuitive, receptive and possess a retentive memory. However please realise that their emotions will always colour their thoughts.

Relationships provide a source of nourishment. Cancer folk give so much of themselves in a relationship and if it goes wrong they will be bitterly disappointed and may become become despondent and severely depressed. They can smother their partners or children, be widely sentimental and delightfully romantic, often reflecting on their courtship days when their love was euphoric.

Positive Traits:
Kind Sensitive, sympathetic with a strong maternal or paternal instincts: Solicitous and protective: Tenacious, shrewd and thrifty: Excellent home makers.

Negative traits
Overly emotional: hyper sensitive: touchy and changeable: moody, harbouring slights: An inclination to self pity and emotional instability

Famous Cancerians:

Tom Cruise, Nelson Mandela, Lindsay Lohan, Prince William, Daniel Radcliffe, Meryl Streep, Henry VIII, Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara, Ricky Gervais, Toby Maguire