Privacy Statement

Astrology Matters is committed to protecting an individual's right to privacy and although a subject such as astrology may not initially appear to require a commitment to your privacy we believe, as a best practices organisation, we should.

Collection of Personal Information
Your personal information will be collected by Astrology Matters for the purpose of providing you with astrological information.

How will your information be collected?
Personal information will be collected from you when you contact us in relation to proving you with astrological information: mainly but not limited to Birth Date, Birth Place, and Birth Time and your Contact details
Personal information will also be collected when you have a consultation in any one of the formats Astrology Matters provides

Sharing your personal information?
Your personal and sensitive information may be used in connection with:

• to calculate relevant horoscopes and provide you with information about the data findings
• to use your data, anonymously for research purposes
• to use your data, anonymously, for teaching purposes
• to use your data, anonymously, for presentation purposes

Use of your personal information?

• anonymously, to other astrologers
• astrological education bodies for the purpose of teaching and learning
• any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.
• marketing and promotion offers.

Security of your personal information
Your personal information may be stored either in hardcopy or electronically. Astrology Matters has security procedures in place to ensure the protection of your personal information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Astrology Matters reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have objections to the Privacy Policy, you should not access or use the Site

Access to your personal information
You have a right to see and have a copy of personal information about you that we hold. If you are able to establish that personal or sensitive information that we hold about you is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, we will take reasonable steps to correct it so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date. In some cases we may require an administration fee for providing copies or updates of information you request to personal or sensitive information.