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One of the greatest benefit of business astrology is timing and as they say timing is everything. Just ask yourself, 'If I'm going to invest hard earned money in promoting my business how can I get the biggest bang for my buck?

You can correlate strategic planning, organisation development, managing change, introducing new methods with predictable cycles: all designed to maximise your business results.

To analyse a business ( owner operator) or corporate (larger entity) successfully, I need the birth details of the owner and the entity. That is, I need the birth date, birth time and the birthplace of the Owner or Managing Director/CEO.  I will also need the ‘birth’ details of when the entity actually came into being. This would usually be the time of incorporation of the business.  These days, if you launch electronically obtaining the time is easy.  Otherwise, you will need to do some homework and find the time of registering the business name or the official opening! This can be equally important as it is usually the time you actually come before the public.

The benefit of understanding business cycles is that you can plan strategically to go with the ‘flow’ as opposed to swimming through treacle, wasting time, precious resources, money and energy.  My experience in relation to this is the most of us think events should unfold much more quickly than they actually do. The irony of course is that we live in a nanosecond world, but the natural rhythm of things still presides.

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