Helen Hartley

helenHelen Hartley uses your personal clock (horoscope) to provide you with insight about how to use timing for life decisions or developmental directions. This enables you to maximise your resources and excel personally and professionally. She is the founder of Astrology Matters and has been a practicing astrologer since 1980. Helen has two significant gifts: her ability to connect with people and translate complex astrological information into everyday language and present it in a pragmatic, humorous and caring manner.

Clients benefit with her astrologically based coaching program Personal Strategy. With correct birth data the information obtained is quite specific and describes the type of influences in your life at any particular point in time. By understanding these influences, she is able to identify the areas of life that need to be addressed and the best way to achieve your desired outcome.

Astrologers know that there are times to move forward and there are times to wait. This knowledge in itself is powerful. Once we identify where your focus is best placed we develop a strategy for your success.

In addition to capitalising on your natural talents, personal vision, transits and life stages, I may also use guided imagery at various points, as I believe the mind is one of our most powerful tools and is not consciously utilised nearly enough. The inner work you do will greatly assist the outer changes you are keen to achieve.

Helen is currently a member Federation of Australian Astrologers and has completed a Practitioners Certificate in Horary Astrology. Academically, Helen holds a Graduate Certificate in Managing Organisational Change, Bachelor of Business (HRD), Associate Diploma of Education, and is a Qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor. She has accreditations in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®: Step I & II and FIRO B.

Her astrological career encompasses personal & business consulting, radio, public speaking and written publications. She has been heard on a number of commercial and community radio stations.

She regularly contributed to one of Australia's leading new age publications and she has presented many workshops and seminars. Below are some examples:

• Talking 'bout My Generation: Uranus/Pluto
• Art of Perfect Timing
• Astrology of Empowerment
• Gillard vs Abbott
• Sexual Persuasions_ Male Homosexuality
• Myths & Magic Of Astrology
• When Love Goes Wrong
• Synchronicity The Art of Perfect Timing.
• Marie Antoinette: Spectacular Returns
• What did they have in common?
• Relationships
• Astrology and Literature
• Eclipses: The Universes Maverick.

breast cancerDiagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2009, where possible she supports research into this dreaded disease this has seen her give her time and services to raise funds across a number of charitable platforms. If she can assist your organisation please contact her on helen@astrologymatters.com  or 0403 196 824