Libra Personality
September 23 - October 22
Ruler: Venus. Cardinal Air
Harmony, balance, refinement

The Libra Personality: 

Librans will do almost anything for balance and are unsettled in an environment of discord and conflict. Hating quarrels, Librans need a harmonious atmosphere about them at all times. Generally, they are charming, kind, easy-going with a natural desire to be diplomatic and co-operative. Ruled by Venus, they sometimes get called “Lazy Libra” due to the Venusian power of attraction as they will often wait for things to come to them.

Librans find it very difficult to function effectively if there is conflict or unresolved conflict around them. It will tip them off balance and until their sense of equilibrium is returned they will struggle emotionally. They are not comfortable around vulgarity and seek refinement in all things which leads to a love of the arts and are they very often considered the perfect host/hostess.

They are cheerful, optimistic and capable of balanced judgement, yet are inclined to indecision. They are easily influenced by the opinions of others and as a consequence they can take some time to make up their mind. They are often accused of excessive procrastination that I'm afriad to say is true. This can become frustrating for those around them. Librans get so caught up seeing both sides of an argument or a situation, reasoning that each sides point of view is equally valid that they can have difficulty in making a stand for either side. However, once they make up their mind they usually remain committed to the outcome.

Librans possess a deep need for a partner, someone to do and share things with, and are most unhappy when left to cope with life alone. Actually, one of the best things a Libran can do for themselves is live alone for a time because they then make their choice of partner out of the desire to have an interdependent relationship as opposed to a co-dependant relationship which maybe rooted in fear and the concern of being lonely. If the latter applies, it can prove to be problematical in relationships and produce a clingy type of individual whose behaviour may derail the relationship. 

In love they achieve something of their ideal, the union with another, and though they may recognise the faults of their loved ones, they will not mention it for fear of ‘disturbing the emotional balance’. They are romantic and sentimental and appreciate small gestures of affection.

Positive Traits:
Charming, Easy-going, diplomatic, refined, bringing harmony to all situations and relationships

Negative Traits:
Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, gullible, easily influenced by others.

Famous Librans:
Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Will Smith, Simon Cowell, Sting, Segourney Weaver, Clive Owen, Matthew MacFadyen