Pisces Personality
February 19 - March 20
Ruler: Neptune (traditional ruler - Jupiter). Mutable Water
Compassionate, impressionable, spiritual

The Pisces Personality:

Pisces are known for their unlimited compassion, and they are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. They are responsive to their environment and absorb its energy unconsciously. This often means that they sense something yet can't always explain it. They can be easily influenced by what goes on around them and are therefore considered quite impressionable.

Pisceans can be rather vague, almost dreamlike and seem to be ‘off with the pixies’ or very clear and determined! It’s quite unusual to see the happy median; most will vacillate between the two extremes. They have a vivid imagination which can exaggerate a situation and they may see things that are not actually there or read more into the situation making it a bigger issue that it needs to be. On these matters they need to learn to discriminate and not over react.

A lack of emotional control caused by absorbing the feelings of others and may result in mild to chronic depression. In addition they need to be very careful with the use of drugs and alcohol as their bodies are very sensitive to the effects of these and often they need less of the stuff to experience its full effects.

Most Pisces are aware of undercurrents in any situation and if this ability is used positively it can assist with the connection and growth of others, yet if used negatively they simply manipulate circumstance to suit them.

Having such a delicately balanced nervous system, they can get very weary and they will find themselves needing to take time out away for the world in order to become grounded. They often like reading, movies or some other form of escapism and use this as a way to stimulate creativity and their fantasy world. These folk are like psychic sponges and those who have mastered emotional control will be able to develop their psychic abilities to the fullest. To facilitate this, a calm environment surrounded in music and colours that resonate with the particular personality will play an important role.

In relationships the Piscean must be careful in their approach to emotional ties. They can be easily carried away and discover when it is too late, that the marvellous attributes that they saw in their partner do not really exist. They will find it difficult to deal with the practical aspects of marriage because taking the garbage out is does not conjure up ideas of romance. They make wonderful lovers and have a real flair for the romantic.

Positive Traits:
Humble, compassionate, sympathetic, emotional, unworldly, sensitive, adaptable, impressionable, kind intuitive, receptive.

Negative Traits:
Vague, careless, secretive, easily confused, unable to cope with the practical running of their lives, weak willed and indecisive.

Famous Pisces:
Alan Rickman, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Daniel Craig, Ronan Keating, Eva Longoria, Bruce Willis, Jon Bon Jovi, Eva Mendes, Dakota Fanning, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber