Major transformations in life can be attributed to Pluto. Pluto represents the life, death and rebirth principle.

Its energy is rarely direct yet it must be confronted, acknowledged and change must take place at the most fundamental level. You will often try to control the events that surround you but with Pluto transits that wont work. The more you attempt control circumstances the more challenging the situation becomes. This is not a time to do a quick fix or put a band aid on the situation as the pressures will have built up to the point where that is not possible and a complete rebuild is required.

You may find yourself getting involved in power struggles: you may be the perpetrator or the victim. The degree of difficulty you feel will be directly proportional to the level of resistance you act out, and as they say in the classics, resistance is useless! You need to delve down into the depths of your psyche, soul and being while being prepared, at your deepest level of consciousness, to make change. You are experiencing deep transformation change and Pluto’s energy will also provide the tenacity for you to get through.