The principle of awakening is related to Uranus. Uranus is humanitarian, inventive, and intuitive.

It can be self willed and refuse to be influenced by outside forces. Uranus is the revolutionary spirit in all of us. It is also associated with sudden unexpected upheavals in life. Whether they are liberating or frightening will rest on other factors in the horoscope. Transits of Uranus will be like having an influx of adrenalin; you go faster and may act hyped up and be full of nervous tension. This may be needed to jolt you out of your complacency and bring about change yet it can be quite unnerving. The Uranus cycle is approximately every 84 years and the most strongly felt time will be around 42-44 years of age.

There is a realisation that you are no longer young and you may start thinking about your mortality, what you have achieved in your life and decide to make change.