icon12  Virgo Personality
August 23 - September 22
Ruler: Mercury. Mutable Earth
Methodical, industrious, analytical

The Virgo Personality:

Typically, Virgos are industrious workers with a natural eye for detail. They are the zodiacs perfectionists to the point that their need for perfection can drive others mad!. They have strong analytical abilities yet need to be aware that to over analyse a situation can mean a loss of perspective and such they may loose sight of the real issues.

They are happiest when they provide a service to others i.e. to be of service. They can create order where none exists, going about their work quietly and efficiently. Their natural eye for detail, accuracy and facts makes them and asset in most workplaces or situations that call for these skills. They can get quite pedantic! Being pedantic and staying focused on one point maybe commendable at times however in its extreme may be seen as them being narrow and immovable in their thinking and they need to be aware of this.

The Virgoan constitution is more delicate than most and often the stress of striving for perfection can see them suffer intestinal problems. Over work will cause them to react physically and they quickly learn that in order to maintain their stamina they need to pace themselves and look after their bodies. This sign is the one most likey to carry that first aid kit in the car, the pain killers in the handbag and have a well stock medicine chest at home, just in case. At worst they may lean towards being hypochondriacs.

Indecisiveness, analysis and practical considerations characterise their thinking pattens. They are not necessarily visionaries and very often, miss the bigger picture. When confronted with a problem they will instinctively break it down into small pieces analyse it and find solutions. They want to know why something is the way that it is. As a consequence they can be great researchers.

In relationships, as their symbol the virgin, suggests, they can be shy in asserting themselves. Because of the need for perfection they may have unsatisfactory love lives or relationships in general because nobody quite measures up to the long checklist of required qualities. Often, they lack the confidence to initiate a relationship so courting may be a slow process. There is a beautiful sensuality and gentleness that exists in most Virgos yet you’ll need to dig a bit for them to share this very private side of their nature. Embrace them, build their confidence, love them deeply and you will have a loyal and deep connection that will stand the test of time.

Positive Traits:
Discriminating, analytical, meticulous, modest and tidy

Negative Traits:
Fussy: nitpicking, worrier, hypercritical, overly fastidious, abnormally conventional, fickle.

Famous Virgos:
Pippa Middleton, Keanu Reeves, Beyonce Knowles, Prince Harry, Charlie Sheen, Michael Buble, Pink, Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Jeremy Irons, Freddy Mercury, Jason Statham