The serious study of astrology is enormously complex. I am often asked 3 questions: What is astrology? How does it work? and Why does it work?

To answer the first part of that question you need to understand what a horoscope or chart is. The chart is calculated for the exact position of the Sun, Moon and Planets on the date, time and place you are born. It is a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional sky and interprets this information in terms of human behaviour, activities and events.

Planets and stars do not control events on earth even though it is a common thought amongst non-astrologers. Studying the heavens started a long time ago. The ancients observed that events on earth correlated with planetary movements and cycles and over time they began to use this knowledge to accurately forecast and project future events. For example, they observed that when the red planet, Mars, was prominent in the sky it seemed to coincide with war, violence and aggression. Alternatively, when Venus was prominent, people got friendly and social. They fell in love. Gradually these associations become the basis of astrological interpretation and in the passage of time, this understanding has been lost. Although we have lost this precision in our language, it is still very important information.

Astrologers know that there are times to move forward and there are times to wait. This knowledge in itself is powerful. Once we identify where your focus is best placed we develop a strategy for your success.

Helen Hartley uses your personal clock (horoscope) to provide you with insight about how to use timing for life decisions or developmental directions. This enables you to maximise your resources and excel personally and professionally. Helen is the founder of Astrology Matters and has been a practising astrologer since 1980. Helen has two significant gifts: her ability to connect with people and translate complex astrological information into everyday language and present it in a pragmatic, humorous and caring manner.

Helen Hartley has been practising astrology since 1980. Helen believes that there is tremendous value in guiding people to better understand  how they tick, how they might develop and how to use prevailing energy patterns. This enables people to direct their efforts in an ever complex world, more effectively.

Always the learner, she has extended her knowledge of Advanced Techniques  by travelling overseas to attend education sessions with international experts. Of interest to her is that Traditional Astrology is experiencing a renaissance. Traditional Astrology is unabashedly the beginning and it is wonderful to see its return.

Helen’s astrological career encompasses personal & business consulting, radio (commercial and community), written publications and  public speaking  of which, examples are shown in the gallery below.