Solar Eclipse

Eclipses – The Universe’s Maverick

Eclipses usually mean emphasis or crisis. Now, these terms do not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing; however, wherever an eclipse falls in your chart is an area of life that is going to undergo some change, or at least require more of your time and attention than usual.

2020 in General

There are Solar and Lunar eclipses. The effects of Solar eclipses are far more overt than Lunar Eclipses which may be felt more subtly or subconsciously. The house where the Solar Eclipse falls in your chart will become the focus for the next year however the energy will peak about the 6-month mark. With a Lunar (usually the opposite house) will also be impacted and could be considered to be a secondary area of crisis.

The final eclipse for 2019 was on December 26, at 4 degrees Capricorn 06 minutes. It’s worth keeping this one in mind as there are a number of planetary influences in Capricorn at the start of the New Year, 2020.  This and the eclipse of January 10, June 21, July 5 are going to rattle Capricorns throughout the sign at various time of 2020.

For some, this will signal a time of major change in their lives. It will not be an overnight thing. More like a marathon. My advice to you is to chart your course and plan for change. Be realistic about what is possible and go with the flow. Eclipses coincide with the release an enormous amount of psychic energy and any changes you experience will have been brewing for some time during 2019. 2020, will be the year to take action.  Any restlessness you have been feeling in the few months prior to the eclipse will gain magnitude and manifest during the middle to years end, depending on the date of your birthday.

Eclipse positions 2020

Lunar Eclipse –  January  10, 2020, at  20 degrees Cancer 13 minutes (ACDT)

Lunar Eclipse – June 5, 2020, at 15 degrees Saggitarius 32 minutes (ACST)

Solar Eclipse – June 21, 2020, at 00 degrees Cancer 21 minutes (ASCT)

Lunar Eclipse – July 5, 2020, at 13 Capricorn 37 minutes (ACST)

Lunar Eclipse – November 30, 2020,  at 08 degrees Gemini 38 minutes (ACDT)

Solar Eclipse – December 14, 2020, at 23 degrees Sagittarius 08 minutes (ACDT)

Like to know how the eclipses will affect you in 2020?   

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1st House—7th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 1st/7th houses, the focus will be on your relationships.

  • The 1st house is our sense of self; it is who we are as individuals. Eclipses in the 1st house usually signal a period of personal development and growth. It can also coincide with changing your appearance or how you present yourself to the world!
  • The 7th house is how we relate to other individuals. Naturally, when we ourselves change, this also changes how we relate to other individuals. Eclipses in the 7th house also signal a period of personal development and change; the main difference is that we experience crisis and the need to change as if it were coming from outside ourselves because we project our 7th house on other people. No matter how it appears, it’s never about the other person. It’s always our own stuff.

2nd House—8th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 2nd/8th houses, the focus will be on your resources.

  • The 2nd house is the house of our personal resources; our possessions, our skills, our talents, and our finances. An eclipse in the 2nd house will always make us more aware of our material attachments: the things that we believe that we cannot survive without. Since most of us are very attached to money, this may be a time to re-evaluate and explore your relationship with money.
  • The 8th house is the house of other people’s resources, joint finances, taxes and inheritances. An eclipse in the 8th house makes us aware of our responsibilities to others: both physical and emotional. It’s often an indication that it’s time to explore what truly belongs to us, and what belongs to our partners.

3rd House—9th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 3rd/9th houses, the focus will be on your relationship to the world.

  • The 3rd house relates to our personal domain: the places and things that we are the most familiar with. The 3rd house also relates to our communication and to our personal, individual spiritual practices. An eclipse in the 3rd house often forces us to re-evaluate the things we take for granted and become more aware of how we communicate with ourselves and with others.
  • The 9th house relates to unfamiliar environments: foreign countries, new ideas and philosophies, and organized religion. An eclipse in the 9th house causes us to consider the bigger picture of our lives. How do we want to grow and expand?

4th House—10th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 4th/10th houses, the focus will be on balancing your private life with your public life.

  • The 4th house relates to our private lives: our home, our family, and our emotional and spiritual connections to our ancestors and heritage. An eclipse in the 4th house can often indicate a time of family crisis.
  • Of course, since an eclipse in the 4th house often means an eclipse in the 10th house as well, that crisis may have a lot to do with balancing the demands of your career or public life with the needs of your family and private life.

5th House—11th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 5th house/11th house, the focus will be on issues of individual expression and group participation.

  • The 5th house relates to the things that make us feel special and worthy as individuals. It’s the house of our creative expression and includes children, gambling, and love affairs. Eclipses in the 5th house can stir up the creative urge, or represent changes in our relationships with our children or with our casual romantic partners.
  • The 11th house is the house of friendships; this is the house of group participation and shared creativity. Eclipses in the 11th house can often indicate changes in our relationships with our peers and our friends.

6th House—12th House.

If the eclipses occurred in your 6th house/12th house, the focus will be on your physical and spiritual health.

  • The 6th house contains all of the things we need to do on a daily basis to maintain a physical body: food, exercise, diet and our daily routine, including our jobs. Eclipses in the 6th house often indicate changes in our routines, and it’s important to be aware of your physical needs to avoid illness.
  • The 12th house contains all of the things we need to do on a daily basis to maintain a soul. The 12th house is where we meditate and explore our unconscious. Eclipses in the 12th house often indicate that you will need to spend more time alone, in your personal spiritual practices
  • The Solar Eclipse can help you to regroup and focus, for a while, on an area in your life that may need extra attention or change. While your attention is focused on a particular area of your life, it is almost like a “self-help” tool that can help develop the strengths of your personality. The Eclipse may inspire, motivate or pressure you, depending on the nature of your needs during the transit. The interpretations below are brief and may only cover a small portion of the possibilities.  You should also consider the Lunar Eclipse that occurs in the sequence with the Solar Eclipse.