Reflection on 2019.

I’m always excited about the upcoming New Year and in preparation, I do a stock-take on what I have achieved (or not) as the year comes to an end. So, what did I achieve? I had several large projects on the go that finished up rather nicely; however, there were a couple where progress was slow for a whole range of very good reasons. One major project did not move forward at the pace I would have liked yet when I look back, I’m still very pleased with what progress. Completion is not that far away!

Astrologically this was a big year for me because, amongst other things, my natal retrograde Venus returned to the place it was at the time of my birth. It signified a huge change in a number of my relationships, some positive, some negative. The most significant thing I would share with you is that although people see me as being a fairly strong character, aka she says what she thinks, there are many times where I choose to say nothing. I’m generally not good at revealing my deepest feelings about emotional matters and that is the biggest change of all.

Life is full of change, and it’s really the only constant! My husband of many years retired from 51 years in the police force. Retirement represented a huge change in his life which has been wonderfully positive. Personally I hated shiftwork, always have, yet it was part of the deal. He now busies himself doing volunteer bus driving for Cancer Council and the local Council as well as community radio. I’m awfully glad he’s not home 24/7 yet very pleased to see him when he is!

My darling dad died on my birthday and I miss him more than I can adequately express yet I live with an underlying feeling of sadness which sits just below the surface and I am overwhelmed with emotion at the most unexpected times. When we lose people that are close to us, we learn about grief, profound grief.

As the New Year approaches I consciously recalibrate what’s important and that sets the tone for my New Year’s goals. Of course, astrological patterns play a big role in these choices as I like to work with the energies available to me because there are times to move forward, work on stuff, lie low or let go.

Planning in 2020.

I’m a goal setter by nature and the New Year always brings a wonderful sense of renewal. For me, it’s a time to set the reset button, reflect on lessons learnt the previous year, plan and refocus.

It’s time to decide on my direction for the New Year. I look closely at the major astrological themes for the upcoming year and how I might take advantage of these. I look at how they interact with my horoscope and in which departments of life will I get the biggest bang for my buck! It’s always easier to go with the flow. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the term flow, it’s a simple one. It means to move with ease, and doors open, easily and interactions people seemed comfortable, events go as planned. When you’re not in ‘flow’, you seem to have to expend enormous amounts of energy to make things happen. Things will constantly change you might feel as if you’re hitting your head against a brick wall. Not being in the flow can take a physical and emotional toll and drains you of your energy.

Also, I look at transits (the movement of the Sun, Moon and Planets) they provide a rich source of daily weekly or monthly focus. I start new projects on the new moon relative to my horoscope I take into account eclipses the change maverick of the universe! Because my energy reserves are limited, I’m pretty clear about finding out where is the best place to put my energy and not wasting energy on stuff that doesn’t work. Remember I’m a natural goal setter!

The downside to all of this can be that we have to postpone certain activities because we won’t be in flow. I have seen so many people be very fixed about what they want to do, not follow the natural energy patterns available to them only to discover too many obstacles (not in flow) to discover they became frustrated or gave up. The universe always wins!

As an aside, I often look at my numerological chart. Although I’m not a numerologist I studied it many years ago and find the correlation with astrology very interesting if you are interested to explore this further you might like to look at the Psychic Library

2019 felt like I’ve been pulled in many different directions so it’s time to get closure or cull! Getting closure on as many aspects of your life as possible can be quite cathartic. Sometimes closure is not possible so you might need to decide to continue working on these things and set some timeframes.

Culling can be very therapeutic whether it be people, work, or other activities. It sounds a bit heartless. I don’t mean it to be, and it’s just that getting rid of psychic piranhas, you know those people, work or activities or other things that deplete your vital energy, need to go.

I hope this gives you something to think about as you move into the New Year indeed a new decade. Being the best we can be is always a work in progress, so why not enjoy the journey as much as possible.

Have a wonderful 2020 and beyond.

Love and light, Helen (click here to get in touch)