Aries – March 21 – April 19

Ruled by Mars – Cardinal Fire

Key Words: Adventurous, Courageous, Enterprising

Aries are enthusiastic, generous and lively. They rapidly grasp the essentials of a situation, and while this is good it can have its drawbacks. As a consequence, they may overlook essential details and other key points. Aries are impulsive, self-assertive and restless always wanting quick results and giving the impression of urgency. They are comfortable taking the initiative and can possess great drive and enthusiasm for new projects. Depending on the placement of their Mars they may start and not finish things or may execute their plans with an almost military-like precision. Usually, once they make a decision they want it to happen fast. Yet if they develop the discipline of thinking ideas through before they start they can accomplish a great deal.

Aries have a quick wit and natural restlessness. They find it hard to be patient in most situations and they will rapidly change circumstances they find uncomfortable. Preferring action, they do not generally enjoy the typical office-type environments or anything of a sedentary nature. Competitive by nature, Aries likes to be the best in whatever they do. Their competitiveness may be self directed or it may be directed to their competitors. So look out!

They are quick-thinking, sharp-witted and have plenty of ideas for new projects. They can be creative thinkers or dreamers who never actually get anything off the ground! Thought processes may bounce from one thought to another operating randomly rather than moving in a series and logical sequential steps. They are very good at making snap decisions and use their strong intuition to assist in the process. Very often they can be found in leadership positions.

In relationships, Aries are warm and affectionate. They express their feelings openly and like others to do the same. They are frank, emotionally uncluttered and don’t usually carry much baggage so they can simply move on. There is a naivety which makes for freshness and honesty in relationships. Essentially what you see is what you get. Some may smile at this apparent child-like approach, yet others find this refreshing quality rather tantalising. Be warned, Aries protect their loved ones ferociously so look out if you intend to criticise one of them…you may get more than you bargained for!

Aries – The Dark Side

Bossy, Impatient, Foolhardy

One thing is for sure this sign can be very selfish and thoughtless. They are impatient, burn on a short fuse and are overly impulsive when making decisions! They would do well to remember the adage ‘act in hast repent at leisure’  Their take-charge attitude can easily turn to being bossy, tactless and quick-tempered. On a really bad day, Aries can be arrogant, dictatorial and belligerent. They can have a ‘take no prisoners’ approach if they get really angry. I wouldn’t describe them as bad-tempered but they can have the odd temper tantrum!

This fire sign can be quite explosive yet their naivety demands that you forgive them about as quickly as they exploded! So long as they blow hot you’re probably safe because when their anger turns to ice, be warned, you’re in real trouble!

Famous Aries

Lady Gaga, Kirsten Stewart, Robert Downey Jr, Ewan McGregor, David Tennant, the late Heath Ledger, Jim Parsons, Pharrell Williams, Leonardo da Vinci, Emma Watson, Keira Knightly, Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon, and Russell Crowe.