Planetary Cycles

Planet Mars Symbol


The way in which you go about getting what you want and asserting yourself is the activity of Mars. Assertiveness, anger, aggression are all attributed to Mars, as is war! This is a planet of action rather than reaction and often there is little or no contemplation before acting. Its drivers are that of the will; it is raw energy rather than creative energy. It is also connected to work and physical energy and will often signify days where you feel particularly energetic.

The Mars Cycle Occurs approximately every 22 – 24 months from birth

The best use of this cycle is to do a stock-take and make a plan, for moving forward and adjust your course if and when necessary. Mars energy becomes an important planning and timing tool. 

Planet Jupiter Symbol


Jupiter is the principle of expanding consciousness, understanding universal principles, justice, law, honour and truth. Jupiter also symbolises higher learning, religion, philosophy morality. Jupiter can also coincide with you putting on weight! Jupiter rules the law and the legal system and one negative manifestation could be difficulties with the law, so be careful.

Jupiter Cycle occurs approximately every 12 years from birth

There is often an easy flow with Jupiter and matters will likely work out quite well. This can be a time of tremendous, building the life that you want by achieving your dreams. Unless otherwise afflicted, you can move forward confident that success will be yours. Alternatively, the energy of Jupiter can make you feel six-foot high and bullet-proof! Be careful! So it doesn’t pay to get overly confident or do things to excess.

Planet Saturn Symbol


Saturn symbolises our need for structure and having a solid foundation from which to grow. Traditionally, Saturn has been associated with limitations and restrictions.

We find that Saturn provides focus so the hard work can be done to achieve goals. It is often referred to as the Lord of Karma, which in its simplest explanation is reward or punishment for deeds done. Timing is also related to Saturn and Saturn’s timing can be slow and can leave you feeling as if you are swimming through treacle. Saturn’s role is to create enough dynamic tension that we are compelled to take action and make a change on a mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual plane.

Saturn’s Cycle occurs approximately every 28 years from birth

Saturn provides the opportunity to have or create the necessary structure in our lives. Saturn energy also coincides with the tenacity to work through the very issue/s we find ourselves being confronted with. Saturn is about accepting responsibility for our lives and circumstances while building a secure platform for the next phase of growth we experience after the Saturn contact has passed.

Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The outer planets or generational planets are known to take approximately 84 years for Uranus, 165 years for Neptune and 248 years for Pluto.

As a modern astrologer, we believe that the energy of the outer planets is usually only felt when it creates an aspect or connection with a personal (Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars) or social planet (Jupiter Saturn) in your horoscope. At these times you will feel their presence to varying degrees. When the outer planets do not make contact with the personal social planets their energy then remains as part of the collective unconscious.

Planet Uranus Symbol

The Principle of Awakening

The principle of awakening is related to Uranus because it can shake us to the core with unexpected events, breakdown of structures, the desire to break free of restrictions and do things differently.  Uranus energy is humanitarian, inventive, and intuitive. It can be self-willed and refuse to be influenced by outside forces. Uranus is the revolutionary spirit in all of us. It is also associated with sudden unexpected upheavals in life.

Planet Neptune Symbol

The Principle of Fusion, Synthesis, Creativity and Spirituality.

Neptune rules idealism, vision, dreams, creativity, spirituality and inspiration along with nebulousness, confusion and deceit. It’s the master of disguise.
Very often where Neptune resides things are not what they seem. For non-Neptunian types, its energy can be quite difficult to handle as it causes you to become confused and unsure. You may feel discouraged and suffer from low self-esteem and your confidence may completely vanish!

Planet Pluto Symbol

The Principle of Transformation 

Pluto energy is rarely direct yet it must be confronted, acknowledged and change must take place at the most fundamental level. You will often try to control the events that surround you but with Pluto transits, that won’t work. Its energy seeks to break down structures for the purpose of renewal. The more you attempt to control circumstances the more challenging the situation becomes. This is not a time for a quick fix or a band-aid solution as the pressures will build up to a point where that is not possible and a complete rebuild is required.