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I came to study astrology quite young. My maternal grandmother had passed away and it seemed that not long after my paternal grandmother followed. I was heartbroken because I loved these women deeply.

The day my paternal grandmother passed away coincided with my then husband’s diagnosis of a serious and contagious disease. I was in the early stages of a much awaited second pregnancy when the doctors advised that I should terminate it. This suggestion was abhorrent to me and consequently numerous precautions were taken. Some months later I gave birth to my second beautiful daughter who was then and is still perfect in every way.

Having to deal with life or death issues had such an impact on me that I began to think deeply about the meaning of life, my life. What was that all about?

After exploring various alternative philosophies, I went to an astrologer. He was an interesting man that I can’t remember however, I clearly remember his three bits of advice. He said I would be a good astrologer, that I would be a good teacher and that I would travel extensively.

On the strength of his comments, which resonated well with me, I started studying astrology, enrolled at Uni to attain a teaching qualification (I was already a qualified trades person) and I did travel. At that time, although I loved the thought of travel it took a bit longer to manifest because travelling was expensive. As it turns out, I have travelled extensively, mainly through work, which took me into the international arena. I spent the next 20 years seeing the world!  It may be of interest to know that I keep my passport handy, just in case!

When I started studying astrology, I had read, like many interested people at the time, people, Linda Godmans Sun Signs. I fronted up to my first astrology class thinking I had a pretty good grasp of the subject so I wasn’t sure what she, the wonderful, late Bonnie Mathers, was going to teach me! I could not have been more wrong.

Bonnie was a very wise woman and started our first lesson by announcing that the child chooses the time to be born. A spiritual concept that many people can’t get their head around. So, I listened intently to her explanation. When she had finished, I put my hand up and asked, that doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, I’d had two cesareans, so how does that work? Bonnie paused, and softly said, ‘Helen, what I would like you to do is to learn astrology and then come back and give me the answer’. After nearly 40 years of astrology, believe me the child chooses the time to be born.

What I love about astrology is that you see the person for what they are. You can see the development of their life journey as it unfolds.

One cannot study astrology without deeply thinking about who they are. Your undeniable truth presents itself and there can be no hiding. There may be degrees of manifestation, yet no hiding!

Over many years astrology has taught me about acceptance and detachment. Learning to accept oneself by understanding how you are hardwired leads to acceptance of self and a realistic inner peace. Knowing how to manage one’s shortcoming’s, and we all have them, enables us to choose our path to growth. Detachment, allows you to recognise that we each have a different path to walk and we should allow others the right to their journey.

I have learned that astrology doesn’t lie, people do. The mathematically based concepts, which we interpret in terms of human behaviour, offer great potential, however one learns that you cannot make deals with the universe. Of course, this raises the question about fate versus freewheel. A topic for another time.