About Helen Hartley

I found astrology when I was quite young. My maternal grandmother had passed away, and it seemed that not long after, my paternal grandmother followed. I was heartbroken because I loved these women deeply.

The day my paternal grandmother passed away coincided with my then husband’s diagnosis of a serious disease. I was in the early stages of a much-awaited second pregnancy when the doctors advised termination. I could not do this, and consequently, numerous precautions were taken. Some months later, I gave birth to my second beautiful daughter, who was then and is still perfect in every way.

Having to deal with life-or-death issues impacted me so much that I began to think deeply about my life’s meaning.

What was my life all about?

Helen Hartley

Helen Hartley

At the suggestion of an Astrologer

After exploring various alternative philosophies, I went to an astrologer. He was an interesting man that I can’t remember now. However, I clearly remember the three bits of advice he gave me, you would be a good astrologer and teacher, and I would travel extensively.

On the strength of his comments, which resonated well with me, I started studying astrology, enrolled at University to attain a teaching qualification (I was already a qualified tradesperson) and went on to complete an undergraduate degree and postgraduate qualifications along with many other accreditations.  I did travel. I have travelled extensively, mainly through work, which took me into the international arena, and so spent 19 years seeing different parts of the world!  It may be interesting to know that I always keep my passport handy, just in case! Looking back, it shows how one good suggestion in the right direction can change your life, and as I was a very shy person who lacked confidence, that astrologer pointed me in the right direction.

I studied under the late Bonnie Matthers. Bonnie was a wise woman and started our first lesson by announcing that the child chooses the time to be born. A spiritual concept that many people can’t get their heads around. I listened intently to her explanation. When she had finished, I said, I’ve had two cesareans, so how does that work? Bonnie paused and softly said, Helen,  ‘ I would like you to learn astrology and then come back and give me the answer’. After so many years in my astrological practice, I concur that the child chooses the birth time.

You cannot study astrology without deeply thinking about who you are. Your undeniable truth presents itself, and there can be no hiding. There may be degrees of manifestation, yet no hiding!

Astrology has taught me about acceptance and detachment. Learning to accept yourself by understanding how you are hardwired leads to acceptance of self and a feeling of real inner peace. Knowing how to manage your shortcomings, and we all have them, enables you to choose your growth path. Detachment lets you recognise that we each have a different path to walk, and we should allow others the right to their journey.

I have learned that the mathematically based concepts we interpret in terms of events, likely manifestations and human behaviour, offer great potential. However, you learn that you cannot make deals with the universe. Of course, this raises the question of fate versus free will. A topic for another time.

Professional Astrology Practice

I aim to translate complex information in a caring, practical and sometimes humorous manner that people can understand. 

As a Professional Astrologer, I use your clock (horoscope) to provide insights about how to use the knowledge of your horoscope to assist you in making your life decisions or working on your developmental direction. This process enables you to maximise your resources and excel personally and professionally. I am the founder of Astrology Matters and have been a practising astrologer since 1980. I have taught Modern or Psychological astrology for more than ten years.

I regularly contributed to one of Australia’s leading new age publications (Insight Magazine), Just Jeans and the Mind Body Spirit Festival Websites. She has presented many workshops and seminars. Below are some examples:

  • The Universes Maverick – Lifetime of Eclipses
  • Sexual Persuasions_ Male Homosexuality
  • Marie Antoinette: Spectacular Returns
  • Talking ‘bout My Generation: Uranus/Pluto
  • Myths & Magic of Astrology – Pagans in the Pub
  • Astrology and Literature – Palindrome Fstival
  • Art of Perfect Timing – Using Life Cycles
  • When Love Goes Wrong – what happened?
  • Business Astrology – Dynamics of Growth

My astrological practice encompasses personal & business consulting, radio, public speaking and written publications. I have been heard on radio stations: 5AA (1395am), Nova, and on community radio, freshfm (92.7) and Fleurieu FM. I participated in the documentary Love me Love You, which explores our relationship with ourselves, how that relationship is constructed and how it becomes the lens through which we view the world.

Helen Hartley –  Dual Professions:- When Astrology & Human Resources (HR) Combine

I have worked across various industries in different businesses, locally and globally, and am fascinated by the universal rhythms that business experiences. After 40-odd years of dual professions, I combine my knowledge of astrology, business, and human resources to help you identify your business potential, develop strategic plans, and use cycles for growth, expansion, and problem-solving activities. These diverse roles have now fused to reach this point. I guide individuals and businesses so they can play to their strengths and mitigate any blockages in the business, enabling effective planning and execution.

Please read about my HR background here.

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