Recruitment and Astrology

In one of my first senior-level roles, I worked with an Organisational Psychologist for the recruitment process. She was great at what she did and we became good mates. This resulted in banter about the value of astrology as she thought it was without substance.

In the spirit of friendly competition, I would give her my analysis of candidates based on the birth date provided. Over time she reluctantly admitted that I got it right more often than I got it wrong!

Times have changed somewhat as now candidates do not put a date of birth on any job application due to discrimination laws…what a pity. An ethical person would not discriminate! However, taking into consideration the planetary patterns and aspects from the birthdate and current transits at the time of recruitment is very informative about the candidates thinking processes, motivation, relationship building and drive. These are major aspects of personality employers would find useful which goes beyond the mainstream psyche profiling instruments.

One recruitment technique is to look at the Elements. The Elements are Fire, Air, Earth, and Water and are the building blocks of the person and the position of planets, Sun & Moon (luminaries) in the astrological sign they occupy is very revealing to a professional astrologer. Elements refer to core energies or drives that reside within the person. Fire is often characterised using intuition, enthusiasm combined with fun, earth by their practical ‘down to earth’ approach, air by the mercurial manner in which they approach circumstances and water how they feel about the situations they find themselves in. There will be mitigating factors to consider and the astrologer can identify these.

Another recruitment technique is to analyse, the Sun (core drive or essence), Moon (instinctual response and how to nourish and appreciate them), Mercury (how they think and apply their particular brand of logic) Venus (the manner in which they approach relationships and money) and Mars (how they are motivated on a short- and longer-term basis). For example, a Sun in Leo will need larger doses of recognition and scope to be creative, if they have a Moon in say, Cancer, they could be high maintenance because their outer confidence will not match their inner sensitivity to challenging situations. As a consequence, they may need more hand-holding than you might want to give or you would expect would reasonably be required. In addition, it is possible to look at the relationship between these planets. The angular relationship (aspects) these have with each, other describes deeper complexities within the personality.

Potential reasons for derailment, critical life cycles and positive and debilitating transits can also be identified.

All this information informs you’re questioning techniques during the recruitment interview.

Extending this analysis beyond the recruitment process allows you to review the leader, the type of leadership qualities they display and how the rest of the organisation/ business unit operate, particularly teams: how they relate, deliver results, and if they are balanced.

This is an amazingly effective process and only requires the birth data (date, time & place- more accurate) for deep analysis or a date of birth.

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