The Year Ahead 2024

This page is currently under construction, getting ready to share insights for your sun sign for 2024. Come back in a few weeks to have a read!

The Year Ahead commentary will commence on Jan 1, 2024, and highlight the major trends for each of the SunSigns.  It can be very beneficial to know when you are in ‘flow’ and can take advantage of really great energy patterns or when you might be challenged. There are times to move forward and times to chill and wait. In either case, you can learn something about your desires and motivation to succeed in manifesting those good intentions.  Manifesting your goals takes planning and commitment because good intentions are not enough on their own. They are merely your starting point! Working consciously with universal energy can make your path so much easier.

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TYA - Aries

The Year Ahead – Aries

TYA - Taurus

The Year Ahead – Taurus

TYA Gemini

The Year Ahead – Gemini

TYA Cancer

The Year Ahead – Cancer


The Year Ahead – Leo

TYA Virgo

The Year Ahead – Virgo

TYA Libra

The Year Ahead – Libra

The Year Ahead – Scorpio

The Year Ahead – Sagittarius

TYA Capricorn

The Year Ahead – Capricorn

TYA Aquarius

The Year Ahead – Aquarius

TYA Pisces

The Year Ahead – Pisces