The Year Ahead 2024 – Aries

Your year commences with Mars (action & desire ) causing you some irritation and you may be feeling a deep need to consider your next steps in life. This could be thinking about changing career direction or more deeply thinking about whether are you satisfied with life. If not, you may decide to make changes throughout 2024.

Mars, your ruler, transits Aries from 1 May- 10 June at various points each of you should feel the urge to forge new directions, make new plans and chart new courses. Mars energy is fast acting and only lasts a few days so we would always look at Mars transits in conjunction with any underlying major themes in your horoscope. My only caution is that you don’t become aggressive if things are moving more slowly than you desire.  This is a process of formulating the next steps in life is important for your continued evolution and development.

During this year there will be eclipses in March, April, and October on the Aries / Libra axis, that will highlight the importance of and issues within the solar chart which will highlight the importance of and issues within the solar chart about relationships and consequently, most Arians will review how they feel about their relationships and in all likelihood, you will take a cold, hard look at what is relevant to you and what isn’t and act accordingly. Eclipses at like mavericks so expect the unexpected and be prepared to look at things from a different perspective.

Apart from minor irritations during September and October. From 5 November- 5 December, it seems to be full steam ahead, however, from 6 December through to 25 February 2025 Mars will start moving backwards. This means that your efforts will be put on hold, and you may lose enthusiasm, interest, and drive.  There is a reason for this, and you can utilise these months to reflect on the results of your actions during 2024. This is a period where you will need to respond to unexpected situations as issues may surface, because of the eclipses that have occurred at various points throughout the year, that you have not anticipated or considered.

Keep going and be patient (not an Arian strong point!) and take into account that this energy will correct and re-establish itself by the end of March.  There will be points during this time when issues may come to a head, and you may be able to clear the air.

For those of you who were born at the end of Aries, you will begin to feel Pluto’s disruptive energy moving on. Thank goodness I can hear you say! Its symbolism is one of change and growth often resulting in the ending of the old ways, which has been necessary for your development. Many things may have changed or simply gone from your life. It is now time to incorporate those changes and move forward.

Pluto will move from Capricorn, which has created the hard aspect to your Sun in Aries, into Aquarius until 2044, yes that is correct! It will make an ongoing connection to Taurus, Scorpio and Leo It is a slow, long-haul transit which means it is very slow moving and will often make contact 3 to 5 times. You will be able to work more constructively to reach a new level of understanding. Consciously making change most positively and productively possible.

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