Coaching Client

Coaching is a wonderful process that is designed to facilitate the achievement of personal and professional goals. Coaches work with clients using specific dialogue that enables goals to be clearly articulated and pathways for success to be developed.

Coaches will use a variety of tools to facilitate the coaching process: listening, questioning, clarifying, challenging, encouraging, reinforcing while checking and monitoring. These are designed to help the client and crafting specific goals is essential to the process. This is often the hardest part for clients. Often, they have a, sorta, kinda goal yet clarifying it, and then articulating it, can be extremely difficult.  Effective coaches are very good at assisting with this process yet does it really provide the focus where it may be needed? I hope the following provides insight into a powerful combined alternative.

How does astrology fit into the coaching framework?

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Love with heart

Understanding Love

We experience many types of relationships in our daily lives: love, friend, parent, child, teacher, mentor, coach, boss, colleague and business partners just to mention a few.

These relationships differ in their purpose, duration, and quality. The way in which one person’s energy is connected and exchanged with another’s will define the purpose, duration and quality of the relationship. Sometimes the purpose of a relationship escapes us let alone coming to grips with the way it works.

Love relationships require two key elements: attraction and longevity.  Attraction may get a relationship going, but if there are no signs of longevity in the horoscope the relationship really will be a passing phase and it does not matter if it’s a straight relationship or same-sex couple. There are no less than 26 points that tell us that the love chemistry is working. And then there’s the quality, will the relationship be harmonious and congenial or will it be a co-dependent relationship from hell!  The way these points connect will tell us about the quality and the ease or difficulty experienced by the couple. Not all points of contact need to be present however the greater the number, the stronger the attraction, for good or ill!

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Feng Shui and Astrology

Is there was any correlation between Feng Shui and Astrology. What a great question!

I became an advocate for the practice while living in Sydney a few years ago. We had a great little apartment in Darling Harbour that suited my frenetic commuting executive lifestyle. Although I loved the place, apartment living was new to me, and I gradually became more and more unwell. After five months and no apparent reason for my mysterious malady, I called in a Feng Shui Master. The consultation was enlightening, educational and when she left I had a list of things to do which I dutifully did as I felt I had nothing to lose. It worked, and I felt the effects almost instantaneously! My malady disappeared, and I made my apartment into a sanctuary where I enjoyed the peace and respite it offered me.

I learnt to understand that these energies are very powerful and one should not underestimate their impact but what I could not understand was why, with everything set up correctly, there were times when some things flowed and others didn’t. Since this observation, I have come to understand that there is a Feng Shui school called Flying Stars and the ‘stars’ move on a monthly basis and ‘alter’ how energy works and its impact on us. Most Feng Shui schools address the space dimension whereas Flying Stars is about the time dimension and a Feng Shui Master can cast a natal chart for any building, house or apartment.

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Saturn Dark Mask

Saturn and The Seven Year Itch !

There are many different cycles that astrologers look to when explaining unique development patterns to clients. Each has their own unique timing, lessons to learn and quality of experience to integrate. This article is about Saturn the Saturn Cycle.

Most people have heard of the seven-year itch. We all use the phrase and giggle when ‘things’ just don’t go right, particularly in relationships when they reach the seven-year mark! Well, surprise, surprise, that broadly correlates to a significant astrological cycle that culminates between 28 and 30 years of age and then again between 56 and 58 years of age and again in ones mid 80’s. Astrologers call this the Saturn Return. It is only one of many significant astrological cycles that coincide with key periods of growth, challenge and change in our lives, however, it is significant enough to warrant special attention.

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The Sun officially moves into Cancer today following the winter solstice which in the southern hemisphere is the shortest day of the year.

Mercury also moves from Gemini into Cancer which means we should note the change in flavour in the way in which we communicate with each other. We move from communicating quickly and intellectually to communicating more emotionally and sensitively. This also tends to modify the way in which we receive communications so beware of reacting over sensitively.
In looking at the deeper Cancer themes for the upcoming year Mars (assertiveness) has also moved into Cancer on 5 June 2017. This means that most Cancerians will be motivated to set direction or act on matters that have been hanging around for a while. In addition to this, it represents a 22-month cycle of Mars contacting your sun sign. Those affected in a particularly dynamic manner will be those of you born between the 11th and 15th of the month. Cancer girls and boys have been going through massive transformation and Mars will come along and force you to take some definite action. You may find yourself getting particularly angry: you need to allow it to surface and deal with it. On the most part, this is one of those life stages that can be particularly awful, yes awful, however, its purpose is to transform the way in which you interact with those around you. Keep plugging away because the outcome is usually quite positive with new perspectives and behaviours being created. Read more

Relationships red hearts pegged to a line

Relationships have their own rhythm, their own karma and we learn lessons from those people that we attract into our lives. Unfortunately, I see so many people who seem desperate to be involved in relationships that they jump in straight away and shouldn’t. I think the link to Intelligence is Sexy expresses my thoughts beautifully. You need to be comfortable with yourself before you can have a relationship based on interdependence. Many people have relationships based on codependency which is usually about having excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, often one with an illness or addiction who requires support. You then become part of their psycho drama! On the other hand interdependence in relationship is you being who you are, allowing the other person to be who they are yet coming together in a way that empowers and develops both of you!

In astrological relationships there are two very important considerations. The first is attraction and the second is longevity. In today’s nanosecond world it seems that individuals don’t wait long enough to see if relationships will last.

I get people who come and see me who have met someone for the first or second time and want to map out their entire future based on two meetings. How dam stupid is that!

Building a long-term relationship takes time and for those of you that are interested, from an astrological perspective, I would never recommend you do anything permanent within the first two years. This is a particular cycle and by all means work toward creating a partnership however spend time exploring where you are alike and where you are different. Just because computers and online dating gives you access to instant relationships(?) it doesn’t mean that they will work. Trust me in the majority of cases, they won’t. All this is doing is looking at the attraction side of the equation and not longevity.

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Real Astrology-Birth Horoscopes on Parchment

Are you aware that real astrology has nothing to do with the ‘stars’ found in Newspapers or magazines! This blog post will discuss the difference between Sun Sign Astrology and Real Astrology. You will look at the astrologer’s tools and discover how astrology works in today’s world and what it can offer! Through predictable cycles, astrology’s magic lies in its ability to provide understanding by cutting to the chase and exposing us or the situation for what it is.

Sun Sign astrology is commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology. 

To a real astrologer, Sun sign astrology would be considered astrological slang so it’s best not to always believe what you read in the papers and magazines!  In other words, Sun sign astrology is very much the fast food of astrology. Oh…and by the way astrology has very little to do with ‘stars’. We just use the constellations (stars) as a backdrop of for our work! More on that at another time.

Why do we do it, you may ask? We do it because you, dear reader because you like it! We also do it because it just, just, might spark your interest in real or serious astrology.

Horoscope ExampleMany of you would probably not be aware that in real astrology a series of complex mathematical process takes place in order to arrive at the picture of the heavens at the time of the person’s birth, which results in thousands of combinations that are interpreted in terms of human behaviour. Most people do not realise that the birth horoscope changes every four minutes.  For example, using the smallest number of combinations can produce some 14,000 considerations that influence personality. This figure can jump to some 56,000 possibilities if you add a few more key points to the complex mix. I share this with you, in order to provide you with a sense of the enormity of the information assimilated by astrologers.

So therefore, to lump a person into a single simple category as happens in Sun sign astrology, is an oversimplification and therefore quite unremarkable. It is my experience that people are neither simple nor unremarkable!