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Self Discovery

Astrology & Self-Discovery The practice of astrology has been around in some form since the beginning of time. Humans have always looked 'beyond' to find greater purpose and meaning in their lives. Sometimes, they go to more unorthodox…
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Election-Australia Votes May 21 2022

This morning I was interviewed on I Heart Radio - triple M - Limestone Coast. These are the interview notes prepared for the general public. The Election Battle - when two parties go to war! There are a few ways an astrologer can look at this…
Man with head in Hands
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Mercury Retrograde Mess

This is a real story about a comedy of errors during a Mercury Retrograde. This information has been used with permission and some information has been modified to protect the individual’s identity... You would not believe the issues that…
Relationships-Making them work
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Relationships – Making them work

Relationships - Making them work We experience many types of relationships in our daily lives: lover, friend, parent, child, teacher, mentor, coach, boss, colleague, and business partners just to mention a few. All these relationships differ…

Understanding Mercury Retrograde

Understanding Mercury Retrogrades. Mercury rules communications which typically goes haywire during retrograde periods. In particular, the Sun Signs of Gemini and Virgo are more vulnerable to miscommunications and misunderstandings and they…
Chinese New Year Singing bowl and Tibetan
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Clearing the Clutter during Chinese New Year

Clearing the Clutter During Chinese New Year The lunar calendar sets the Chinese New Year and consequently, the dates of the Chinese New Year change every year. Generally, it occurs between January 21 and February 20. The Chinese New Year 2020…
Coaching - tree
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Astrological Coaching

Astrological Coaching uses the benefit of timing to achieve your personal and professional goals. Coaches work with clients using specific dialogue that enables goals to be clearly articulated and pathways for success to be developed. Coaches…
Second Adulthood Middle Age Couple
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Second Adulthood – Saturn Return (56-58)

For some time, you have been confronted with your fading youth. You’re not old but you’re no longer young and you are beginning to experience your second adulthood. Probably from the mid-forties which coincides with another significant astrological…
Saturn All Grown Up
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Saturn: All Grown Up!

First Saturn Return - 28-30yrs There are many different cycles that astrologers look at when explaining development patterns to clients. The Saturn return is just one of these cycles. Each has its own unique timing, opportunities, lessons to…
Mars Retrograde
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Mars retrograde

Mars retrograde depletes the individual’s vitality so it is never a time to initiate. Pity Peter Dutton did not know this when he decided to challenge the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull,  for the Prime Minister's job! Whoever initiates…