Understanding Mercury Retrograde


Understanding Mercury Retrogrades.

Mercury rules communications which typically goes haywire during retrograde periods. In particular, the Sun Signs of Gemini and Virgo are more vulnerable to miscommunications and misunderstandings and they tend to feel the brunt of this influence. However, for the majority, it’s never a good time to sign contracts, make significant life changes, large purchases or launch new projects or a new business. Circumstance change, people change their mind and you can find yourself running around in circles.

So, what do can you do during the Mercury Retrograde period? During this time to stop to consider your options, check out the fine print, negotiate thoroughly and effectively, tweak plans and take time to contemplate and reflect. Do inner work.

The only exception to this is those born with Mercury Retrograde. If you have this placement of Mercury, you will actually power up and do some of your best work with clarity and focus. The best way for you to maximise this time is to do the work, just don’t send or communicate it until Mercury changes direction because during the retrograde period the majority of the general populace will not be in the frame of mind to accept your hard work in the manner in which you prepared it!

In business, it seems to operate in the extremes be mindful that there may be lots to no activity during these times. Remember, activity does not always result in productivity and you can feel as if you are going around in circles!

Promises made to you during this time are likely to be fraught with disappointment or fall through. So, if you are offered any opportunity your best strategy will be to stay in discussion mode and not make any commitment until the end of the retrograde period.

By all means, be enthusiastic, call for additional information to develop a clearer picture and deeper understanding of what is on offer along with its current and future implications.

Navigating through this time constructively is the key, stay in touch with clients and don’t try to close sales. If you lose the sale, don’t worry it will have been a problem (right: I can hear you say, ‘is she nuts’!). If you do need to act, check the fine print, read and re-read any documents as there will be mistakes and misunderstandings. Anticipate problems and determine, in advance, how you might handle a crisis: even if you think you have covered all the bases. I usually recommend that you shorten deadlines to allow for delays. Do not make major business decisions during these periods.

Back up your computers a least a week before Mercury goes retrograde. Too many systems topple over during Mercury retrograde periods.

If you’re in the job market and you are looking at a role during the Mercury retrograde period, and are successful in getting it, be rest assured it will not be what you expect. Your expectations and the prospective employer’s expectations will, generally, not be in synch. If you think you have explored all the expectations of the role and really want it…see if you can avoid signing the employment contract and commencing work during the retrograde period.

Understanding Mercury’s, nature and how to utilise these periods’ enables you to work constructively with universal principles.

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