Void of Course Moon: What is it?

The term Void Of Course (VOC) refers to the condition of the Moon between the moment it performed the last major aspect with another planet in its current sign and the moment of stepping into the next sign.

The void of course Moon periods cover a wide range of actions and it is generally accepted that it is most unfavourable to do anything that requires a positive outcome. In business that includes: sending emails or faxes, applying for a job or consulting assignment, asking for favours, starting a lawsuit or a business, announcing anything (e.g. new product), buying assets or important items such as a car, a property, etc. Meetings held during the VOC period are usually unproductive, so be careful!

The basic rule is: when you want something to happen, a situation to move ahead and be successful, avoid the VOC periods.

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Using the Rule

This rule can be used to your advantage if there is a matter that you do not want concluded. Let’s say you were negotiating and for some reason need additional time to allow information to arrive or be verified, have a catch up or state of the nation meeting but do not make any decisions.

The VOC periods are not great when needing to achieve things like, closing sales and driving for results. They are best used for catching up with routine activities that do not require much focus: emails, reading, reviewing correspondence etc. Relaxing and taking time out is also a good activity on the VOC.

You will notice that the VOC period can vary from a few minutes, to several hours, to a couple of days. There is no particular pattern, the universe doesn’t work that way.

Many of you are already familiar with the term Mercury Retrograde. This is another cycle that most people understand is a time where communication seems to go somewhat crazy! When you get Mercury Retrogrades and VOC Moons occurring at the same time, it’s a double whammy…take a break from forging ahead: stop and think, create, slow down and connect with your intuition…meditate, contemplate, then as the planets go the right way…act in a focused manner.

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