Business  & Corporate Astrology – Wisdom for the 21st Century

The Business and Corporate (Business) landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. Even more so in the last five! The globalisation of business has accelerated and the focus of the digital world has increased the reliance on technology. Business boundaries have become transparent or, in some cases, non-existent. Most baby boomers have left the workforce, and the younger generations have taken up leadership roles. They have embraced technology to such an extent that it is now possible to have greater workplace flexibility.  The COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated this process to the point where lockdowns were, for many, became the standard operating procedure. This forced millions to work from home (WFH). In general, the people liked it! Now, where practical, hybrid working morphed into the New Norm. Any business unwilling to embrace change to accommodate the needs of staff are realising that staff are on the move and constantly looking for employers that demonstrate employee-centric practices and policies. So what does this look like? A one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate and will look different for every industry. As every successful business owner knows, solutions must be fit for purpose, considering the vision, strategic and operational business objectives and values.

In addition, the employment relations landscape has changed significantly, and the obligations required by employers are, well, in a word, onerous! Not always unfair, yet still onerous! Operating a business is embarking on a complex journey, and not for the faint-hearted.

Why are some businesses successful, others hugely successful, while others struggle to keep going or fail?

From an astrological perspective, personal character, capability, competence and life stages can provide impressive insight. The magic happens when this is married with the same criteria used for business astrology!

My passion lies in combining my astrological knowledge with my business and corporate expertise to forecast the natural universal rhythms and planetary connections that require attention and conscious change.  You must explore, develop, accept challenges, and clarify your business focus. Then develop the best plan moving forward.  This analysis helps you focus your energy to maximise the business potential.

Did you know that from an astrological point of view, significant events usually show in the business horoscope? Astrologers are masters at understanding this and interpreting universal rhythms, precise timing, the importance of cycles, and how to make them work for you and your business. In other words, the astrological clock is always ticking and provides the keys to unlocking your and your business’s potential secrets.

Here are some business astrology examples

  1.  Mercury Retrograde. This phenomenon occurs about three times a year.  If you sign and execute contracts during this time, they will be plagued with problems! Considerable time will be wasted with readjustments and rework. That’s not very cost-effective! You may even discover the scope of the project had not been clear, leading to misinterpretation! If you were spending money on advertising and marketing, the campaign will not yield the results you expected. However, the power of this knowledge is knowing how to navigate these times.
  2. Did you know that there are times every few days that may last for a few minutes or days that are not going to produce positive results if that’s what you are after? This refers to the Void of Course Moon ( VOC) and its energy is similar to Mercury’s retrograde energy.  This is so simple and can be used as a planning tool and can be downloaded for free here. Please take a few minutes to read the instructions. Here you can read about the Planetary Retrogrades for 2024.
  3. Another great example is the strategic planning process. Every 22 – 24 months, the business needs to recalibrate itself by reviewing the current context of operations and realigning business activities. Using this cycle can provide all staff and stakeholders with a sense of renewal and focus, particularly if there is an inclusive communication initiative. It is all in the timing, which will be unique for your business!
Business Astrology

There are cycles within cycles and business astrologers use a range of sophisticated astrological techniques for forecasting, which can assist your business in navigating an ever-changing set of business conditions. Although business astrology is unconventional, it provides a practical lens through which to make decisions. 

The benefit of understanding business cycles is that you can strategically plan to go with the ‘flow’ instead of swimming through treacle and wasting time, precious resources, money, and energy.  Unfortunately, most of us think events should unfold more quickly than they do. Of course, the irony is that we live in a nanosecond world, yet the natural rhythm of things still governs and can not be hurried or beaten.

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