A Comment on Bad Astrology

I am really concerned that there is some bad astrology out there. I have had many people contact me in relation to so called astrologers wanting to ‘sign them up’ after making sensationalist statements that something is about to happen. The HOOK being that if you don’t buy or subscribe to their stuff they can’t tell you about this amazing thing happening to/for you within 3 days or a week. They express that they are so keen to tell you this information, but in order to do so you must pay.The instigators of this are fraudsters and give professional astrology a bad name. There are a several names that I get sent on a regular basis and as I understand, there are others.
I wanted to see what they produced so I gave my data. The information collected did not allow for the required data needed to cast an authentic horoscope. They didn’t ask my birth time (critical) or place of birth (also critical)! This is just not conceivable to real astrologers. Professional astrologers operate with a level of precision that is essential to a professional consultation.

Further, I was bombarded with emails and offers which I found to bordered on harassment. Finally I blocked them. I also understand from Astro Databank that these type of sites have lots of victim reports. If you have a genuine desire to gain insight into your life, its themes and development opportunities,  and you are serious about astrology, please go see a professional astrologer.