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Self Discovery

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Astrology & Self-Discovery

The practice of astrology has been around in some form since the beginning of time. Humans have always looked ‘beyond’ to find greater purpose and meaning in their lives. Sometimes, they go to more unorthodox discovery methods when traditional methods fail to provide answers. This is not to say that astrology always provides the answers people want!

Using astrology for self-discovery helps you understand who you are and why you are here, and most of all, it allows you to find and create a framework for self-acceptance and self-actualisation. This is powerful and can be very liberating if used wisely and purposefully. Unfortunately, as with all personal growth, it requires some level of exploration or reflection of not just the nice, positive parts of our nature but the less impressive and darker side… and we all have one. Jung referred to it as the shadow, and once you accept the multifaceted and, at times, conflicting parts of the self, your path in life can become somewhat easier. Integrating our differences and understanding how these create high developmental tension, which demands acknowledgement and propelling growth, can be the biggest challenge one undertakes.

Patterns & Relationships

Astrologers look at the patterns and relationships of planets and interpret these in terms of human behaviour. This is an extraordinarily complex process to learn, and takes many years to become masterful in the art.
The natal horoscope presents the raw talent or potential available to the individual. It suggests a predisposition to certain behaviour patterns. In the process of self-discovery, psycho-dynamically, astrology cuts through the many layers of human defences to identify core drives and issues that reside within an individual. Understanding core drives enables us to work to maximise our potential, and acknowledging psychological barriers to leading a successful and rewarding life seems to make good sense. These processes enable the self-discovery that many people seek.

The human potential movement, or the study of self-discovery,  has been with us for many years, and there are many varied and valid pathways for people to validate who they are. Some can take considerable time, not to mention the cost. Getting through to core drives and issues quickly means clients can move to dealing with issues, moving forward or becoming unstuck more quickly. Identifying the core is one thing, yet there are no shortcuts to development. It takes focus, clarity of intent, commitment and a desire to grow and change to yield successful results.

Astrology’s Gift

The greatest gift astrology gives is timing, which no other discipline does, and realising that no matter how much we want movement in or out of a particular situation, it simply won’t happen until the time is right. Over 40-plus years, I have watched people expend so much energy in trying to force a decision, take an action, move too quickly, and waste energy. Self-discovery means understanding the nature and use of cycles and rhythms, which can be a powerful tool for growth, changing careers, taking up opportunities, forging key relationships, and considering critical periods in your life.

Some of you may think that sounds like you have no free will… you do… you will always have a choice. Self Discovery is about the quality of the energy you expend, where you choose to put your energy, the quality of the decision/s you make, the type and quality of relationships you attract into your life and the degree of satisfaction and self-acceptance you ultimately feel, and these are certainly complex issues.

The art of timing is liberating as you utilise its knowledge to maximise your own potential, and isn’t that what the human potential movement seeks to achieve?

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