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Astrological Coaching

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Astrological Coaching uses the benefit of timing to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Coaches work with clients using specific dialogue that enables goals to be clearly articulated and pathways for success to be developed.

Coaches will use a variety of tools to facilitate the coaching process: listening, questioning, clarifying, challenging, encouraging, reinforcing while checking and monitoring. These are designed to help the client and crafting specific goals is essential to the process. This is often the hardest part for clients. Often, they have a, sorta, kinda goal yet clarifying it, and then articulating it, can be extremely difficult.  Effective coaches are very good at assisting with this process yet does it really provide the focus where it may be needed? I hope the following provides insight into a powerful combined alternative.

How does astrology fit into the coaching framework?

Astrology allows for and considers the evolution of the individual any point in time. The horoscope reveals what the person needs to develop to maximise their potential. In addition, it can identify the period of time required for this development to take place. Although other ‘alternative’ disciplines are very good, astrology is the only discipline that provides direction with timing. Nothing else does. Used appropriately, this is powerful information for the client.

Using a milestone approach, the client can design specific objectives and build strategies for success while focusing on their desired outcome for the development required at the time. In other words, how to get the most out of their circumstances and therefore, life.

What becomes important is if the individual is in sync with their own developmental needs or are they just focussing on what they think they want. There is a big difference. Some folk look beyond what is and ask about the meaning of their lives and as such tend to gravitate to those activities that, although at times challenging, allow them to become more well rounded and complete.

One of the biggest challenges occurs if the client wants to focus on building a business yet the horoscope is clearly showing that they are facing significant relationship issues and their whole value system is undergoing change. For a whole range of reasons, this individual may not be in sync and feels as if they are swimming against the tide, putting in valuable energy into activities that don’t yield the intended results.

Of interest is that a client I coached for several years whose annual update (Solar Return) always emphasised the 9th house of, amongst other things, higher learning. During this period, she got studying and became and over time became an international expert and lecturer in her chosen field. Of course, other aspects of her life continued, in fact, she got married during this time. Sure, there were some nice things happening in her relationship area yet her major focus was learning. She seemed to be ‘in the flow’ as we say and maximised this period to do as much study as she could. When she embarked on this path, she was not the most confident person and as a more mature person, she wondered if she should really bother. Age was no barrier and her tenacity paid off. She grew in confidence, became quite self-assured as well as very successful. Coaching for this client worked wonders.

Life is far too short to guess at what, when and how we progress and as such the horoscope provides the key. Coaching works!

You may be thinking that the above discussion supports those who say that life is fated with us having no choice. Not so. You make the choice as to how you want to work with the energy provided. You can act as the alchemist of your life and turn your base metal into gold or you can choose not to. Choosing not to, may look like taking the familiar way out. The result is that if you keep doing the same you keep getting the same. Choosing to grow will, sometimes, set you up for the most challenging of times. Letting go of the old and creating space for the new is in itself confronting for most no matter how welcome the change might be.

Success usually comes after considerable application. Even for the good stuff! Making a successful change on a temporary basis is one thing yet integrating it into the personality, the core of the person, is something quite different. It takes time, commitment and a genuine desire to evolve.

My most significant learning is the power that lies behind two seemingly simple clichés’: go with the flow, and be careful about what you ask for because you’re likely to get it! Going with the flow often looks and feels like you are doing the right thing, you have a sense you are on the right path and therefore there are minimal or no blockages and often helping hands propel you forward. Being clear about what you ask for puts an enormous responsibility on the individual to be clear in articulating their goals. Sometimes the results are bittersweet. Further, it teaches one to consider the consequences of any action no matter how small. Be assured there are always consequences. The timing of which will be reflected in the horoscope. Thinking these through in advance makes good sense.

Astrological Coaching is specific and two conversations take place to establish focus and understanding. The first identifies the current stage of growth of the individual, using the horoscope as the tool and sets the context for the second conversation about the coaching process and contract. I hope you consider it for your next phase of development.

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