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Saturn: All Grown Up!

Saturn All Grown Up

First Saturn Return – 28-30yrs

There are many different cycles that astrologers look at when explaining development patterns to clients. The Saturn return is just one of these cycles. Each has its own unique timing, opportunities, lessons to learn and quality of experience to integrate. I have previously stated and continue to state this to remind the reader of the innate complexity of serious astrology. Serious astrology goes far beyond and is deeper in its understanding that any monthly updates on a web site…even mine!

So now you’re all grown up!

Having reached this age you are now astrologically, at least and at last, finally an adult. You should know or have a sense of who you are, what you have to work with and should have a sense of your values.

The 1st Saturn return is your 1st major life stock take. How easy or difficult the process is really depending on how you have handled life so far. How authentically you operate in the world, how you stay true to your own values. Have you stayed on this path or wandered off? The closer you have evolved to being who you authentically are means your Saturn return time will probably occur with some trial and tribulation yet with relative ease. If you have wandered off your path you may find the Saturn return time full of heartache, challenges and time concerned with loss.

Saturn’s energy tests us. It tests our stamina and tenacity; it tests our commitment to what we say we want in life. We would have had what I call a build phase prior to the Saturn return and now what you have built (or required) will be tested to see if it plays a worthwhile part in your life. If not you will either get rid of it and or it will disappear.

For example

If you have been in a relationship for any length of time prior to your Saturn return it will have tested to see if this is the relationship you really want or need for your future growth. My experience is that probably 80% of young relationships pretty much break-up around the time of their Saturn return. To survive this cycle the relationship will need to change, grow mature and reinvent itself in order to survive.

Around this age, if you’re contemplating a serious relationship your chances of survival will be significantly increased. This is because you have an increased level of an awareness of what you’re looking for by having and endeavoring to seek those things you want & need to be fulfilled

If you’re in a relationship and it’s going well, you may take on board more responsibility like having a marriage or commitment ceremony, buying a home or having a family.

Many people experience career change at this time. If this stock take tells them that what they are doing is not right for them. The Saturn return time can be fantastic because it releases you from what may not work for your greater good and allows you to realise that you can follow your dream.

Life and its deeper meaning may permeate part your thinking and you think about your spirituality or philosophy of life. On this basis, you may make a considerable change to your lifestyle or daily habits based upon your own spiritual and philosophical discoveries.

The rewards can be deep and long-lasting an include, authenticity, philosophical and spiritual growth and levels of deepening understanding and satisfaction. This is the major set up for the first half of your life.

Saturn’s traditional meaning

The ancients and early modern astrologers thought of Saturn as having negative effects on those parts of the horoscope it affected and any planets or points it contacted. Saturn was referred to as the teacher, the Lord of Karma and being malefic and would bring doom and problems to any project, relationship, etc.

Modern Day Meaning and Use

Saturn’s role is to create enough dynamic tension that we become compelled to take action and make a change on a metal, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual plane. Saturn provides the opportunity to have or create the necessary structure in our lives. Saturn energy also coincides with the tenacity to work through the very issue/s we find ourselves being confronted with. Saturn is about accepting responsibility for our lives and circumstances while building a secure platform or the next phase of growth we experience after the Saturn contact has passed.


One of the many cycles that create ad interconnected complexity. This a ‘purist’ view of what Saturn’s symbolism means and how it coincides with significant physical, emotional and psychological change at particular junctures in our lives.

Believe or don’t believe it, it’s always your choice however you will be confronted with these times and knowledge is power, choose to move in life with enough knowledge to make every decision meaningful and every consequence worthwhile.

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