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Feng Shui and Astrology

Feng Shui and Astrology

Is there was any correlation between Feng Shui and Astrology. What a great question!

I became an advocate for the practice while living in Sydney a few years ago. We had a great little apartment in Darling Harbour that suited my frenetic commuting executive lifestyle. Although I loved the place, apartment living was new to me, and I gradually became more and more unwell. After five months and no apparent reason for my mysterious malady, I called in a Feng Shui Master. The consultation was enlightening, educational and when she left I had a list of things to do which I dutifully did as I felt I had nothing to lose. It worked, and I felt the effects almost instantaneously! My malady disappeared, and I made my apartment into a sanctuary where I enjoyed the peace and respite it offered me.

I learnt to understand that these energies are very powerful and one should not underestimate their impact but what I could not understand was why, with everything set up correctly, there were times when some things flowed and others didn’t. Since this observation, I have come to understand that there is a Feng Shui school called Flying Stars and the ‘stars’ move on a monthly basis and ‘alter’ how energy works and its impact on us. Most Feng Shui schools address the space dimension whereas Flying Stars is about the time dimension and a Feng Shui Master can cast a natal chart for any building, house or apartment.

I found this intriguing and on my return to Adelaide became more involved with the study of Feng Shui. As it happened, a friend of mine, a very good astrologer and researcher was looking more closely at Feng Shui as well. We began to compare notes, observations and experiences. We have had many conversations with Feng Shui practitioners and monitored certain horoscopes and found that any apparent good luck, bad luck, auspicious or inauspicious activity correlated with the person individual horoscope.

Like many people I have a number of Feng Shui books by various authors, notably Lilian Too (1998, pg 13) is very clear in the explanation of the trinity of heaven, earth and man luck and defines each as follows; Heaven Luck determines your fate and is something you have no control over it determines the conditions of your birth, your character and your circumstances. It’s like Karma…Earth Luck comes from living in harmony with the environment and is encapsulated in the body of knowledge known as Feng Shui…Earth luck is within our control as for we can choose whether or not we wish to live in harmony with energies of our living space…Man luck is the luck we create for ourselves and is within our control. Too, goes on to explain that the how and what speed luck changes depends on how we are influenced by the trinity of luck…

The above supports a broader notion of synchronicity as astrologers understand it and it’s important that we consider this when evaluating our personal circumstances, individual development or life direction. Your horoscope equates to Heaven Luck or your potential and pre-disposition to certain behaviours are reflected here. Of interest, we have found that western astrology can be successfully overlaid to this eastern practice. Of course, living in harmony with your environment makes sense but used alone without an understanding of the effect of the trinity will breed fools who surround themselves with ineffective trinkets!

Our observations indicate that the more holistic applications of Feng Shui are applicable, for example considering the natural flow of Chi and the effects of Shar Chi (negative energy), in other words putting a frog inside your door if you are having a Saturn Venus transit, which can limit money is not going to solve the problem. However knowing in advance, you have these particular influences and how long they will last, can enable you to work with the energy successfully.

In summary look at the Feng Shui of your house or business within the context of your horoscope and work with those combined energies. I’m sure you will be very happy with the results.