Real Astrology is so much more than Newspaper Stars

Real Astrology-Birth Horoscopes on Parchment

Are you aware that real astrology has nothing to do with the ‘stars’ found in Newspapers or magazines! This blog post will discuss the difference between Sun Sign Astrology and Real Astrology. You will look at the astrologer’s tools and discover how astrology works in today’s world and what it can offer! Through predictable cycles, astrology’s magic lies in its ability to provide understanding by cutting to the chase and exposing us or the situation for what it is.

Sun Sign astrology is commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology. 

To a real astrologer, Sun sign astrology would be considered astrological slang so it’s best not to always believe what you read in the papers and magazines!  In other words, Sun sign astrology is very much the fast food of astrology. Oh…and by the way astrology has very little to do with ‘stars’. We just use the constellations (stars) as a backdrop of for our work! More on that at another time.

Why do we do it, you may ask? We do it because you, dear reader because you like it! We also do it because it just, just, might spark your interest in real or serious astrology.

Horoscope ExampleMany of you would probably not be aware that in real astrology a series of complex mathematical process takes place in order to arrive at the picture of the heavens at the time of the person’s birth, which results in thousands of combinations that are interpreted in terms of human behaviour. Most people do not realise that the birth horoscope changes every four minutes.  For example, using the smallest number of combinations can produce some 14,000 considerations that influence personality. This figure can jump to some 56,000 possibilities if you add a few more key points to the complex mix. I share this with you, in order to provide you with a sense of the enormity of the information assimilated by astrologers.

So therefore, to lump a person into a single simple category as happens in Sun sign astrology, is an oversimplification and therefore quite unremarkable. It is my experience that people are neither simple nor unremarkable!