The Year Ahead 2024 – Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (communication) which has been retrograde (backwards) during December 2023 and goes direct on 4 January so you will start the year off by recalibrating your connection with others and how you share information.

Virgo and Gemini (both ruled by Mercury) are challenged about three times in the year when Mercury (communication) goes backwards.  These are times when we need to revisit or revise things we have been working on.  Day-to-day logistics can grow a little crazy.  You may want to make in your diary with the dates so you can use the energy in the best possible way. Here is the link to the dates and Mercury retrograde explanations for 2024 and you may want to mark them in your calendar!

Typically, when Mercury is retrograde ( backwards) your day-to-day arrangements are likely to be messed around. Be patient and go with the flow. The secret of making these times work for you is being able to navigate through them by understanding the need to slow down, not commit, be forgiving when things go wrong and treat yourselves and others gently.

Mars (action & the urge to achieve), may cause you some irritation from 21 July – 5 September.  Although you have a desire to accomplish a great deal, you will be tested or challenged by circumstances or other people. How you choose to express yourself will be the key to success. If possible, avoid disputes and decide which battles are worth fighting. If you need to stand up for yourself and you do so in a constructive way. It will work well for you.

There is a rather unique astrological pattern with your Jupiter (growth and expansion)/Uranus (sudden change and awakening) throughout April which will impact those born from 12 – 16 September. It can take you into unexpected yet positive new directions. Go after new opportunities you may find the doors will open. If opportunity knocks, it may well be worth considering.

Saturn (restriction and limitation) will impact those born between 26 August– 8 September. This aspect is quite challenging and for some may have health implications. During this time, it may be useful to discover what you need to do to ground yourself and relax. Sometimes we experience a sense of isolation during this type of energy because there is work being done at an unconscious level. When you sense these energies present, step back and try to process the underlying reason why you are feeling the way you are.

With a Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn combination, it is such a mix of energy, focusing on the dates they apply. There is a little bit of a cosmic tug-of-war going on there. One thing is for sure, with your natural analytical skills and Saturn on your side you probably won’t overreach or overcommit. However, consideration of alternative or new opportunities is still worth a look. As frustrating as it might seem there is a purpose to this which is designed ultimately to take you to a higher level of thinking and open your creative options. You have probably been working hard to achieve this and you may feel as if your efforts are not amounting to much. Take heart because now these universal giants are in a strange dance which suggests that you need to revisit some of your strategies and modify them. It may well be there are important aspects of your situation that you have overlooked, keep delving.

Those of you at the very end of the sign, 18th– 22nd September may also experience the Neptune (illusion & delusion) effect entirely on its own. This means some of you may experience a crisis of confidence and become a little confused. You may become confused and lose your sense of perspective yet be aware that there is a creative spiritual/philosophical process going on at a deeper level. You may have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees! Day-to-day matters may require considerable effort so be kind to yourself and allow the process to emerge. Quite by contrast if you are an artistic person, you may find that you can tap into a level of creativity that produces truly inspired works.

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