The Year Ahead 2024 – Cancer

You will need to get a wriggle on if you have not completed your wish list from last year as it will set the stage for achieving your heart’s desire as 2024 commences! In general terms, expect communications to become confused during the Mercury retrograde periods. Do not be surprised if you seem to have difficulty communicating ideas. It may not be you; people may not be in the right space to hear what you have to say. Knowing this, I suggest that you spend time planning and thinking through the details of your ideas and be ready to present them when Mercury is direct and when people will be more ready to hear what you have to say.

Mars, transits Cancer from 5 September – 5 November at various points each of you should feel the urge to forge new directions, make new plans and chart new courses. Mars energy is fast acting and only lasts a few days so we would always look at Mars transits in conjunction with any underlying major themes in your horoscope. You will need to put the energy in because Mars in Cancer is not very strongly placed. It requires focus and deliberate action. As generally, you dislike conflict, you can also use this energy to be assertive and avoid feelings of frustration.

Those born at the end of the sign may find themselves sailing in or out of emotional whitewater from September to November. This represents the end of a long-drawn-out process where you may have felt quite conflicted between the requirements of home and family and career. Although you have had the opportunity to delve deeper into your value system, life direction and purpose, the process has occurred through challenge and confrontation. If there are aspects of your life that you are still processing now is a really good time to bring those things to a conclusion.

One of the most challenging areas is likely to be that of relationships and many Cancerians will be reviewing the quality of their relationships and determining if they are happy and satisfied.  If your relationship is solid, you may experience a period of testing where some adjustments may be made, however, if the relationship is on shaky ground, you may decide that it no longer fits into the grand scheme of your life and finally move on. Have you found yourself being embroiled in power struggles and bewildered as to why these have manifested? If so, these should be coming to an end.

Quite by contrast those born around the 19th – 22 July will have the opportunity to explore their individuality and creativeness.  This is one of those times in your life when even astrology may have greater appeal!  For those interested in spiritual pursuits you may find yourself encountering new and different groups of people. This is an excellent time to begin studying disciplines that will allow you to develop spiritually. This should not be disruptive and if you’re open to change, you’re going to quite enjoy it.

In summary, it’s growth opportunities all round. Those with more challenging aspects may take some comfort in the fact that the degree of difficulty your experience is directly proportional to your willingness to adjust and change. It also signals the size of the opportunity for growth and development.  It’s always best to approach change with conscious effort otherwise it tends to control you.

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