The Year Ahead 2024 – Leo

December 2023 saw you being very busy and more than likely in the festive spirit! Probably lots of socialising going on however as you move into January there should be a pause, or should I say it’s recovery time! From 14 February – to 23 March Mars (action & the urge to achieve) will commence its transit through Aquarius. At where is points throughout these dates, this opposes your beautiful Sun in Leo and is likely to cause some irritation. The energy may be lower than usual so dear I suggest you pace yourself and not become frustrated if things don’t quite go the way you have planned.

From mid-December through to late February 2025, Mars (action & the urge to achieve) will go backwards (retrograde) in your Solar 7th house – relationships and open enemies! The astrologer’s rule of thumb would be to suggest that you do not initiate new plans and projects during this time. It is commonly thought that whoever initiates loses! Most things just seem to fizzle out and don’t go the distance. Utilising this time for creative thinking and reflection is one of its most powerful uses. Allowing plans and thoughts to incubate will enable new ideas and approaches to surface. Mars will correct itself (go direct) in late February 2025, after which time you will be able to take the initiative and forge ahead confidently. Doors will open, and you will be listened to and be able to easily influence others.

Saturn (restriction and limitation) will impact those born between 26 July – 8 August. This aspect is quite challenging and for some may have health implications. During this time, it may be useful to discover what you need to do to ground yourself and relax. Sometimes we experience a sense of isolation during this type of energy because there is work being done at an unconscious level. When you sense these energies, step back and try to process the underlying reason why you are feeling the way you are.

Quite by contrast, Jupiter (growth and expansion) from late May until the end of the year Jupiter will impact those Leo’s born from 23 July – 8 August, suggesting opportunities for growth and expansion. In the purest sense, Jupiter plays on our enthusiasm to grow and often we take on more than we can do.

You will have realised through the above two paragraphs that Saturn and Jupiter are forming a relationship with each other, and this means that during those times there is a great opportunity to realistically temper your expectations whilst eliminating those things that are no longer required for your growth. Manage the energy well and you will have some good results.

Those of you at the very end of the sign, 18th– 22nd August of Leo may experience the Neptune (illusion & delusion) effect entirely on its own. This means some of you may experience a crisis of confidence and become a little confused. You may become confused and lose your sense of perspective yet be aware that there is a creative spiritual/philosophical process going on at a deeper level. You may have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees! Day-to-day matters may require considerable effort so be kind to yourself and allow the process to emerge. Quite by contrast if you are an artistic person, you may find that you can tap into a level of creativity that produces truly inspired works.

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