The Year Ahead 2024 – Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (communication) which has been retrograde (backwards) during December 2023 and goes direct on 4 January so you will start the year off by recalibrating your connection with others and how you share information.

Gemini and Virgo (both ruled by Mercury) are challenged about three times in the year when Mercury (communication) goes backwards.  These are times when we need to revisit or revise things we have been working on.  Day-to-day logistics can grow a little crazy.  You may want to make in your diary with the dates so you can use the energy in the best possible way. Here is the link to the dates and Mercury retrograde explanations for 2024

Generally, my advice to you is twofold, think carefully before you share your ideas and opinions and don’t get paranoid if people appear to be opposing you.  They may not be…you may just be overly sensitive so stop and think about what they are saying and if it has a deeper meaning in terms of your development. Remember those things that irritate us the most may be showing us a side of ourselves that we don’t see too clearly. It seems that this upcoming year is one where you will learn about the value and impact of communication. As stated previously when Mercury goes backwards these are times to review and revisit key activities.

Saturn (restriction and limitation) moved into Pisces in March 2023. So those of you who are early in the sign will have experienced a sense of slowing down, and the need to contemplate, and you may have experienced a sense of tiredness or feeling as if the weight of the world was on your shoulders. Moving through January – December 2024, those born between 24 May and 4 June may experience feelings of isolation or loneliness, even if they are with people. This is a time when the universe is asking you to contemplate life. You will feel as if nothing is happening yet at a deep psychological level changes taking place and if you pause to explore this process you may find new meaning to your circumstances. Saturn makes us do the work for our rewards! It can help us focus and go the distance, something that quick-acting Gemini may not be comfortable with. Step back, take control of that natural nervous energy you have, and good things will come.

Neptune (illusion & delusion) has been making challenging aspects to Gemini folk for many years. However, what is significant is that Neptune is moving out of Pisces and heading toward Aries in March 2025. For those born between 15 March – 20 March Neptune will move you into the realm of illusion, it can dissolve your sense of reality and things you generally find predictable will no longer be so. You may become confused and lose your sense of perspective yet be aware that there is a creative spiritual process going on at a deeper level. Neptune’s energy can open us up to significant spiritual growth which, initially may be challenging. With this aspect is quite important that you learn the art of discrimination i.e. discern what is proper and eliminate the unnecessary. Your sense of perspective may go a little haywire so it can be useful to rely on a friend who is not under Neptune’s influence when making decisions.

For those of you who were born at the beginning of Gemini, you will begin to feel Pluto’s transformative energy taking hold.  Its symbolism is one of change and growth often resulting in the ending of the old ways, which is necessary for your development. This connection with Gemini is a soft aspect which suggests it should not be too problematical and you will have opportunities to express yourself in new ways. I would like to think that the addition of Pluto’s strength will enable Gemini folk to have stamina and go the distance. Pluto’s energy is deep and may take some time to surface as it continues throughout 2025.

Pluto will be in Aquarius until 2044, yes that is correct! It is a slow, long-haul transit which means it is very slow moving and will often make contact 3 to 5 times. You will be able to work more constructively to reach a new level of understanding, consciously making change most positively and productively possible. To understand how and when Pluto’s energy will impact you, you would need to have your birth horoscope constructed and could do so here.