Mars Cycles –  Act & Plan

The way in which you go about getting what you want and asserting yourself is the activity of Mars. This is the planet of action rather than reaction and often there is little or no contemplation before acting. Its drivers are that of the will; it is raw energy rather than creative energy.

Assertiveness, anger, aggression are all attributed to Mars, as is war!  It is also connected work and physical energy and will often signify days where you feel particularly energetic. One really constructive use of Mars energy is to get physical, get your hands into the earth, work out or walk. As Mars moves through your horoscope it will energise the house it occupies or any planet it touches. It’s a call to action that provides the impetus for you to make a change in that department of life. If you are experiencing blockages, it can give you the courage to move ahead, make decisions and express your individuality. However, there are negative attributes of Mars where one can become argumentative and demanding so it is a good idea to use its energy wisely.

In addition, Mars rules our animal instincts for survival and our sexual desires. Whereas Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars is most associated with basic body attraction.

We often see a predominant Mars in the charts of athletes and high achievers. Sometimes the challenge of Martian energy is to harness it in such a way that it is productive. This will depend on its placement in the horoscope and what connects with it (aspects). The effect of these interactions has the power to elevate or destroy.

Mars Symbol

The Mars cycle occurs approximately every 22 months.

The best use of this is to make a plan, do a stock take on where you are headed and adjust your course if and when necessary. This energy requires that you take action and as such becomes an important planning and timing tool. Mars will also have the same 22-month cycle to other planets and points in your horoscope which is most useful in timing the most beneficial time act.

This cycle is so useful when looking at planning your life. Because this cycle is about taking action, it can be extremely useful when thinking about long-term plans. For example, you may want a job or career change. Although you may want this to occur quite quickly, it can take time as all the elements need to be in place for a smooth transition.  You will need to think about what knowledge, skills, or experience do need? You will need to identify any gaps and spend some time filling those gaps with the right levels of knowledge skills and experience. This can take time, however, it sets you up for success and enables you to craft the career/job or life you desire.

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