The Nature of  Planets

Planetary energies are the building blocks of your astrological identity. There is a multitude of combinations that makes you, uniquely you. An emphasis or lack of emphasis will determine how you are hard-wired.

First of all, the planets represent what core energies manifest. The signs tell us how the core energies express themselves and the houses tell us where the experience manifests.

When planetary energies connect with each other, we call them aspects. Aspects can either be hard or soft and show how the energy flows which tells us about your strengths and weaknesses.

Planetary Energies

I’ve always found it amusing that popular astrology referees to the ‘stars’ when in fact the ‘stars’ are the constellations whose function is to provide the backdrop through which the planets and luminaries pass. The luminaries are the sun and the moon.

There is deep symbolism attached to each of the planets and how they influence human behaviour. Modern or psychological astrology uses all planets in our solar system however the outers (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are considered as part of the collective unconscious. Individuals experience their influence when they form a relationship (aspect) with the personal planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Traditional astrologers do not use the outer planets.

Astrology views the movement of planets from a geocentric perspective. This means as viewed from the earth. It is as if the earth were the centre of the solar system and everything is gets mapped from there.

Planetary energies are powerful archetypes which Jung, as described by Richard Tarnas, PhD states, Jung thought of archetypes as the basic constituents of the human psyche, shared cross-culturally by all human beings, and he regarded them as universal expressions of a collective unconscious.

The videos will give you the essence of the planetary energies so you can begin to understand their nature. This is only an introduction as there is so much more to understand – Enjoy!

The Sun – the giver of life

Moon – instinctual response

Mercury – communication

Mars – taking action

Venus – love and money

Jupiter – growth  and development

Saturn – structure or limitations

Uranus – awakening and liberation

Neptune – creativity or confusion

Pluto – rebirth and transformation