November 22 – December 21

Ruled by Jupiter – Mutable Fire

Key Words: Freedom, Philosophical, Straight forward

Often careless in their youth, with little regard for personal safety, Sagittarius love a sense of excitement.  They will tend to learn more from their mistakes than other signs. They need to feel free and cannot stand to be constrained, either physically or emotionally, e.g. marriage, which they feel might tie them down. They are versatile and like their Gemini cousins like to have more than one task on hand at any one time. It is not unusual for them to hold down two jobs. They are energetic and naturally outgoing and achieve their goals through the power of positive thinking and belief.

Sagittarius can have formidable intellectual potential, need intellectual stimulation, and will particularly enjoy exploring subjects which require depth of thought, storing this knowledge and putting it to good use later. They are intuitive, clear-seeing, frank, outspoken, idealistic and used positively, they can use their deep understanding of universal principles and thinking ability to exercise good judgement.

They are idealistic, and straightforward and may jump to conclusions without taking into account all contributing factors. They are not subtle and as such they can be quite blunt, yet it is never said to offend. Sagittarius are never vindictive.

As they achieve their goals in life which originally may have seemed beyond them, they will raise the achievement bar even higher. As they complete one project or lose interest in others, they look around for something else to achieve while being simultaneously stimulated.

Physically they need an above-average amount of physical exercise. Many daredevil champions have been born of this sign! Sagittarius possess a keen sense of fun and likes to play!

In love, if you can get them to commit, they are ardent, sincere and conventional but must feel free within the relationship. By freedom, I mean the freedom to explore life with a sense of not having to report in. I do not necessarily mean sexual freedom. Generally, Sagittarius are not permissive so don’t fence them in and you will have them for life! Jealousy and possessiveness will quickly shrivel Sagittarius’ affection.

Sagittarius – The Dark Side

Dogma, Tactless, Lack of Commitment

If they hook onto something they can become the all-knowing and seeking font of information. One downfall is that they can become extremely opinionated forcing their ideas on to others. If combined with religious and moral self-righteousness tendencies we get the zealot. They may be tactless yet not in a nasty way like our Scorpio friends, they are being honest, for example, I like that very large, loose jumper – it covers your butt!

Famous Sagittarius

Woody Allen, Kim Basinger, Walt Disney, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, Lucy Liu, Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Huge acknowledgement of the creator of Star Trek, the late Gene Roddenberry, whose vision lives on.