Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Ruled by Saturn – Cardinal Earth

Key Words: Ambitious, Conservative, Conscientious

Although Capricorns appear patient, steadfast and practical this masks their greatest desire, ambition. I have yet to meet a Capricorn that is not ambitious, whether it is for themselves on their chosen path or for members of their family or others. They will either be striving personally or be the master craftsmen for others however they do so in a controlled and generally quiet way.   Capricorns achieve because they are persistent, often moving slowly, taking one step at a time, and having enormous amounts of self-discipline.

They are considered to be reliable, and cautious and will work through considerable hardship if circumstances require it. They have a strong sense of self-discipline is an equally strong sense of duty, and responsibility. Capricorns possess incredible patience and persevere working industriously toward their goal while keeping the practical realities of any situation uppermost in their mind

They tend to be one of the more conventional signs and are not prone to emotional freedom or permissiveness. When they make commitments they usually keep them and they are very loyal.

Deep down, most Capricorns lack confidence and despite their self-doubt will work very hard to acquire symbols of wealth and status if only to prove to themselves they are good at what they do. The acquisition of material objects is a way of validating themselves and building their security.

They have been accused of being secretive, which is not generally the case. Often Capricorn personalities don’t feel the need to enter into discussions with others until it is deemed necessary as they are more self-contained than other signs. This of course can cause problems with partners and others as effective communication is one of the more significant Capricorn challenges!

Relationships can present Capricorns with a considerable challenge, particularly intimate relationships as their natural reserve and lack of self-confidence can make connections with others quite challenging, particularly for younger people.  When it comes to emotional attachments Capricorns are just as conservative, calculating and cautious and yet above all they are loyal and faithful. There is shyness about them that can be quite appealing yet when in love they will have to work hard to express how they feel on an emotional level. This is often the lament of Capricorn partners however they will never give you reason to doubt their commitment or loyalty.

Capricorn – The Dark Side

Cold, Calculating, Suspicious

On bad days Capricorns can be cold ruthless and calculating and use people to achieve their ambitions. Power and control can seem out of control with Capricorns who have a dark sinister side. Naturally conservative with money they can go into absolute misers and put unreasonable austerity measures, again, to achieve their ends. If their desire to achieve and be materially successful overrides the good common sense you can be in for a difficult time.

Famous Capricorns

Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Ben Kingsley, Kate Middleton, , Michelle Obama, Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom , Rowan Atkinson, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Kate Moss, Ricky Martin, Tracy Ullman and Eddie Redmayne