Gemini – May 21 – June 21

Ruled by Mercury – Mutable Air

Key Words: Adaptable, Versatile, Witty

The true Gemini is always on the go, flitting here and there while often doing more than one thing at a time. This is an important part of their nature because they live on their nerves and need plenty of variety and change. They can become bored easily and once this happens they drop what they are doing to find a new interest. The Gemini  nervous system is highly strung and sensitive. Their natural restlessness makes it very difficult for them to relax and for others to feel relaxed in their company. At worst, they may be considered hyperactive.
Vacillating between alternatives causes indecision which can become a problem for them. Remember the symbolism of the twins! The natural duality their nature wants to do two opposing things at the same time which can be exhausting for others as they often don’t know which twin is seeking the attention! The Gemini needs people. They need to relate and socialise with others. Often talking is their way of processing information to make a decision rather than make a point. They can be charming and exert considerable influence over others, often getting their own way purely on their superior verbal skills. Alternatively, they can possess an arrogant, know it all intellectual snobbery which is not appreciated by others.

Gemini can be non-conformist and rebel against the status quo while never yielding their individuality. They are not particularly attached to material possessions and usually see money as power and freedom and use it as such.

They are mentally agile, intelligent and have a thirst for knowledge. The are often found teaching, writing, in communications (publishing, media). Their mind is quick; they learn easily and are in constant need of variety and intellectual stimulation. They can be good at languages. As Gemini also rules the arms and hands they can really enjoy giving form to their ideas. Therapy!

In love, Gemini they can be lighthearted, flirtatious and fickle and often have many partners. You’ll need to keep the spice in the relationship if you are going to keep this sign in tow. Often there is no deep emotional expression and when asked how they feel will usually tell you what they think. Getting into the deep gut wrenching stuff is not where they want to go. Expressions of love and affection will come through wooing or writing and this sign can find it difficult to commit.

Gemini – The Dark Side

Sarcastic, Fickle, Devious

Gemini’s ideas about sharing communication can turn into them being the worst of gossips. They need to be careful because it is likely they will be found out. They can also come across as being know it all’s and express a condescending intellectual superiority. The impersonal nature of their personality

Famous Geminis

Johnny Depp, Morgan West, Angelina Jolie, Paul McCartney, Mark Wahlberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Mike Myers, Liam Neeson OBE, Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Hurley, Rupert Everett, Joseph Fiennes and Natalie Portman.