The Jupiter – Saturn Cycle

Jupiter and Saturn are known to be part of the mundane chain of planets in astrology. In looking at the sky, they are located between Mars and Uranus and had been visible to the naked eye, if you know what to look for, since ancient times. Seeing Jupiter and Saturn through a telescope, for me at least, was pure magic!

Unlike stars that appear to twinkle in the night sky, the visible planets Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appear to be solid objects that move against a starry backdrop.

Of particular interest to mundane astrologers are the Jupiter / Saturn conjunctions particularly when they change element as they seem to correspond to great changes for mankind.

In psychological astrology, the cycles and the relationship of Jupiter and Saturn are respectively, powerful indicators of growth and perseverance.

Jupiter Cycle occurs every 12 years

The Principal of Growth and Acquisition

Jupiter is the principle of expanding consciousness, understanding universal principles, justice, law, honour and truth. Jupiter also symbolises higher learning, religion, philosophy morality. Jupiter can also coincide with you putting on weight! Jupiter rules the law and the legal system and one negative manifestation could be difficulties with the law, so be careful.

There is often an easy flow with Jupiter and matters will likely work out quite well. This can be a time of tremendous, building the life that you want by achieving your dreams. Unless otherwise afflicted, you can move forward confident that success will be yours. Alternatively, the energy of Jupiter can make you feel six-foot high and bullet-proof! Be careful! So it doesn’t pay to get overly confident or do things to excess.

As with all things astrological there are checks and balances so if Jupiter builds you up its relationship with Saturn will be the reality check and what you have built will be tested. We need to understand is that anything built through solid, honest and authentic processes will probably stand up well to Saturn’s reality check. The reality check is not far away as Jupiter and Saturn do a costly dance that keeps them in close relationship.

A new Jupiter cycle occurs approximately every 12 years and is a great time for conscious renewal of your goals and life journey.

Jupiter Symbol

Saturn Cycle Every 28 Years

The Principal of Responsibility and Reality

Saturn symbolises our need for structure and having a solid foundation from which to grow. Traditionally, Saturn has been associated with limitations and restrictions.

Today we find that Saturn can provide focus so the hard work can be done to achieve goals. It is often referred to as the Lord of Karma, which in its simplest explanation  is reward or punishment or deeds done. Timing is also related to Saturn and Saturn’s timing is slow and can leave you feeling as if you are slipping through treacle. Saturn’s roles to create enough dynamic tension that we become compelled to take action and make change on a mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual plane.

Saturn provides the opportunity to have or create necessary structure in our lives. Saturn energy also coincides with the tenacity to work through the very issue/s we find ourselves being confronted with. Saturn is about accepting responsibility for our lives and circumstances while building a secure platform or the next phase of growth we experience after the Saturn contact has passed.

Saturn has always been referred to as a malefic which means it’s not too good when it’s hanging around you. It can make you feel tired and some people even walk around as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. However, although these things can be true, I have always found Saturn to provide me with the energy to keep going, stay focused, and with hard work leads me to the prize, whatever the prize might be. If you are a constant learner you will find Saturn can be a marvellous teacher.

Saturn Symbol