Leo: July 23 – August 22

Ruled by the Sun – Fixed Fire

Key Words: Generous, generous, confident

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Generous, generous, confident

There is nothing difficult or complicated about the Leo personality: they reign supreme and provided we pay them the adulation they consider their birthright, peace will rein in our lives and on the planet! Now many will say, I’m not like that but test it out for it operates to varying degrees with most! Once you are accepted into their inner sanctum they will express affection, be loyal and demonstrate unlimited generosity.

Generally, the Leo personality, can be fun to be around and they can have a great sense of humour. Life is generally done on a grand scale as they require nothing but the best. Typically, they are extraverted and socialising, if accompanied with a sense of occasion, with them at the centre, they’ll love it.

Leo’s, have tremendous will power and usually achieve their goals because they possess persistence and tenacity. They have good organising and business skills and can achieve success in the corporate world. They can see the big picture.

Having such a strong sense of drama Leo’s can become part of the arts, particularly theatre. If they don’t act they may just love going to the theatre to immerse themselves in a creative environment. It is important that Leo’s have some sort of creative outlet. Often it comes through activities with children as this enables them to connect with their inner child so they just let go and fun!

Leo’s express themselves powerfully and in a forthright manner. They are intellectually well endowed and can usually see the overall picture and alternate views while remain fixed in their own thinking. Good or bad? It depends on the situation, however if they disagree remember it’s no good flogging a dead horse.

In love their feelings are strong, deep and passionate. They are loyal and expect the same. They are wholehearted, generous, and spontaneous and expect others to be the same.

Leo – The Dark Side

Arrogant, Patronising, Snobby

On a bad day, you may see flashes of arrogant superiority and snobbishness. If they should they lose their temper it will be done with considerable drama! They can be intolerant, patronising, conceited and fixed in their opinions. At times they need to understand that the world does not revolve around them, demonstrate some flexibility and and learn to play nicely!

Famous Leos

Barack Obama, JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Chris Hemsworth, Audrey Tautou, Simon Baker, Sandra Bullock, Mathew LeBlanc, Ben Affleck, Robert DeNiro, Eric Banner, Madonna, and Charlize Theron.