Neptune cycle is approximately 165 years

The Principle of Fusion, Synthesis, Creativity and Spirituality.

Neptune rules idealism, vision, dreams, creativity, spirituality and inspiration along with nebulousness, confusion and deceit. It’s the master of disguise.

Very often where Neptune resides things are not what they seem. For non Neptunian types, its energy can be quite difficult to handle as it causes you to become confused and unsure. You may feel discouraged and suffer with low self esteem and your confidence may completely vanish! Under its influence you may decide you want to save the world, only you may not be clear about what world and how it might be done! However, your intentions will be honourable.

The Neptune Effect

Neptune’s effect will  be felt by transit and depends on what planet it is making contact with. For example, with Mercury you may be inspired explore meditation or you might just feel like your cant harness your mental processes. With Venus You may idealise a person who is not good for you. Everyone else will see it but you or alternatively you could meet your soul mate and feel that the union goes way beyond earthly desires.

Neptune is the patron of dance and supplies inspiration to artists, film makers and photographers and it is here its energy flourishes. It’s is idealistic and loves fantasy. Neptunian types often possess vivid and wild imagination. They are very sensitive to their surroundings and can pick up on the vibe: good or bad. These kind, gentle souls have wonderful intuition and may need to learn the art of discrimination and self-protection.

It is said that Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and an example of this could be the ballet: Venus is the practice and hard work while Neptune is the act of transforming the hard work to the art, beauty and illusion of the performance and where it takes you.

Neptune Zodiac Symbol