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Planetary Energies

Planetary energies are the building blocks of your astrological identity. There is a multitude of combinations that makes you, uniquely you. An emphasis or lack of emphasis will determine how you are hard-wired.

First of all, the planets represent what core energies manifest. So the signs tell us how the core energies express themselves and the houses tell us where the experience manifests.

When planetary energies connect with each other, we call them aspects. Aspects can either be hard or soft and show how the energy flows which tells us about your strengths and weaknesses.

Aspects manifest in the various the houses of the horoscope which represent departments of life. There are 12 of houses starting with:

  1. the self & physical body, early environment,
  2. money, possessions, earning ability
  3. siblings, short journeys, day to day communication,
  4. home and conditions in later life,
  5. social life, pleasure, children,
  6. service, work, health ( daily habits)
  7. partnerships, open enemies, public relations
  8. death, taxes, regeneration
  9. higher education, law, long journeys, philosophy & religion
  10. profession, career, status, authorities,
  11. hopes, wishes, friends,
  12. self-undoing, secret enemies, limitations

The Natal Horoscope

In the natal horoscope, some houses have planetary energies in them and others don’t. Broadly speaking houses with planetary energies in them suggest areas of focus and have special emphasis in this life. The energies are represented by symbols that the astrologer can read. People often interpret an empty house to mean that the house symbolism may not be important. It would be more accurate to say that there will be more activity and heighten sensitivity in houses containing’things’.  Those ‘things’ are planets, luminaries, asteroids, fixed stars. However, we do not overlook those houses that are empty as the still tell a story.

Planetary energies

Planetary energies are powerful archetypes which Jung, as described by Richard Tarnas, Ph.D. states, Jung thought of archetypes as the basic constituents of the human psyche, shared cross-culturally by all human beings, and he regarded them as universal expressions of a collective unconscious.

The videos will give you the essence of the planetary energies so you can begin to understand their nature. This is only an introduction as there is so much more to understand – Enjoy!