Planetary Energies

Planetary energies are the building blocks of your astrological identity. There are are multitude of combinations that can be made and this makes you uniquely you. The emphasis or lack of it will determine how you are hard wired. Planetary energies, called aspects, show us your strengths and weaknesses. They connect in special ways that indicate what interaction and impact they have on each other which then manifest in the various the departments (areas) of your life

Planetary energies are powerful archetypes which Jung, as described by Richard Tarnas, Ph.D. states, Jung thought of archetypes as the basic constituents of the human psyche, shared cross-culturally by all human beings, and he regarded them as universal expressions of a collective unconscious.

The videos will give you an the essence of the planetary energies so you can begin to understand their nature. Of course this is only an introduction to the planetary energies as there is so much more to understand – Enjoy!