Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Ruled by Pluto (Modern) and Mars (Traditional)

Fixed Water

Key Words: Intensity, Secrecy, Magnetism

You can often tell if you’re in the presence of a Scorpio as they have a magnetic presence with an intensity that emanates from them. They often have a penetrating gaze that looks into your very soul. Sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Well it is, Scorpio’s are the deepest, possibly darkest sign in the zodiac and are not to be taken lightly.

Scorpio possess willpower, and drive with a level of self-discipline that’s hard to match. This means they have tremendous tenacity which for the most time will work for them, however, they can refuse to let go of something that is over and hang on to it needlessly. Emotionally they are just so intense, yet they often fail to share the totality of their feelings with others which can cause frustration and hurt. You may never know if you have hurt or upset them as they will not usually speak of it…they just become emotionally remote or leave. One of their biggest fear is being vulnerable which results in holding people at arm’s length, never quite revealing all the information or facts to maintain their control.  This can cause serious problems in intimate relationships.

They admire the strength of character and set high standards for themselves and others.

They are the zodiac’s natural detectives and enjoy delving into the mysteries of life and death. Scorpios, find it difficult to be superficial and may not always demonstrate tact. The most socially skilled Scorpios will say nothing rather than tell a falsehood others can be blunt, cutting and hurtful.

Innately, Scorpio has a strong sense of perception, reasoning and analytical ability which can penetrate the root of any problem. Usually, they are highly intuitive and can put this to use either positively, by helping others or negatively, by manipulating others to do their bidding.

In love, once your chosen, notice I said chosen, the Scorpio’s commitment is unshakeable. Mind you, getting them to the commitment stage will occur in their time frame, not yours. Once they take that step, you will be loved by one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac and you could trust your life to them. The most highly evolved Scorpios have a depth of love, caring, passion and emotion unequalled by other signs.

Scorpio – The Dark Side

Manipulative, Unyielding, Revengeful

Their worst trait is that they never forget mishaps and unkindness and can harbour grudges for years and then go on the attack when you least expect it. Nasty, nasty, nasty! Coercion and manipulation applied the Scorpio way can simply wear you down.

Famous Scorpio

Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson,  Ann Hathaway, Owen Wilson, Katy Perry, Prince Charles, Peter Jackson, Jodie Foster, K.D. Lang, Bill Gates, Winona Ryder and Julia Roberts.