Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Ruled by Venus  – Fixed earth

Key Words: Determined, Practical, Sensual

Taurus folk are generally solid, steady, reliable and conservative. They value permanency and seek to build security through the acquisition of material possessions although I would not call them materialistic in the modern greedy sense of the word. They seek stability in relationships, career and family matters, and can, when pushed, have a dreadful temper which may undermine attempts to have the very stability they seek. Generally, they are slow to anger but when they get going, look out! Their shadow takes over! Possessiveness, jealousy and the need to control characterise this behaviour yet when their shadow is not in control they are patient, and exhibit plenty of charm, warmth and affection.

They can excel in business and seem to have an innate ability to make money and do so by taking one step at a time building a solid structure from which to grow. In pursuit of their goals, whether it is in business or something else, they are often so determined they outlast weaker competitors and so achieve their dreams. They do the work, they keep going, and they overcome obstacles.

Many Taurus have a strong connection to the earth and love to be on the land or in their garden. They find tremendous psychological comfort in this as it centres their spirit. If an artistic streak manifests you might find them doing pottery or sculpting. Hard, sweaty physical exercise is a great leveller that helps control and eliminate stress and tension.

If you ask the opinion of a Taurus they give it to you and that’s usually the end of the matter. They will probably still have that same opinion years later as they do not tend to change. Mentally they like to think things through in logical steps before acting. This can make them appear somewhat slow to react yet there’s a considerable amount of constructive thought that goes on inside that Taurus head. Their ideas won’t necessarily be wildly creative or even original unless something else is activating their horoscope. They like to plan most things and can be upset if deviations occur flexibility is a quality they could do well to appreciate as not all things run to plan…so plan for that and have a contingency.

Love a Taurus and you will become their possession as relationships can be characterised by possessiveness and jealousy. However, they will protect you fiercely. They are very loyal and expect the same in return. They are often more deliciously sensual than sexual. Quite often they have a highly developed sense of touch and may use this as a key form of communication, particularly in relationships. This is also valuable in the application in creative pursuits. Massage, (along with good food) often soothes the soul. A word of warning, never betray the trust and loyalty of a Taurus. If you do, they will be devastated and suffer terribly!

Taurus – The Dark Side

Stubborn, Lazy, Unyielding and did I say Stubborn?

Yes, Taurus epitomises stubbornness along with self-indulgent, lazy and possessive. In an argument, they will not yield and you will find it very difficult to change their minds on just about everything. It follows that they are not very flexible. They can become obsessed with routine, displaying a total lack of spontaneity, that makes them boringly predictable. Taurus can become so consumed with acquiring money and material possessions at the exclusion of getting and enjoying their life journey.

Famous Taureans:

Channing Tatum, Queen Elizabeth II, Adel, Robert Pattinson, William Shakespeare, George Clooney, Kelly Clarkson, Pierce Brosnan, Bono, Cate Blanchett, Mark Zuckerburg, Jessica Alba, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney, Cher, and George Lucas.