The Year Ahead 2024 – Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (love and values). Venus brings with it a need for socialisation and connection with others. It moves very quickly through the horoscope however the times to enjoy your connection with others, will be emphasised from, mid-Feb – mid-March, and end May – mid-June, and end August – end September.

During this year there will be eclipses in March, April, and October on the Aries / Libra axis, which will highlight the importance of and issues within the solar chart about relationships and consequently, most Librans will review how they feel about their relationships, and you will decide what is relevant to you and what isn’t and act accordingly. If you have been in a relationship where the circumstances are challenging and you cannot seem to resolve them, you may choose to end that relationship between October 2024 and April 2025. Eclipses at like mavericks so expect the unexpected and be prepared to look at things from a different perspective.

If you are old enough think back about 19 years ago to the circumstances you are in. These eclipse positions are being replicated and from a philosophical perspective, you may find that you revisit very similar issues. There is often a pattern with eclipses however the gap between eclipses is considerable and people don’t realise that there are repeating patterns. It’s incredibly interesting to map them throughout a lifetime.

Although Librans tend to be lovers, not fighters, Mars (action & the urge to achieve), will make some challenging aspects to 1 May- 9 June,5 September- 4 November so if the eclipses are challenging you, be aware that as Mars comes along, and you may be inclined to act. This can be instigated by yourself or other people. Utilising Mars energy in a positive, and assertive way can occur from 14-February – 23 March, 21 July – 5 September.

For those born between 19-22 of April, Pluto (transformation) is making a powerful aspect to your Sun. This can be a fabulous time! This aspect is great for personal development, and you will be able to express yourself more clearly than at any time previously. On a personal level change will occur in your personal life however they are not likely to be disruptive. This is a time when if you tune into the energies, you will learn a great deal about yourself and others. You may positively experience relationships with people in powerful positions and you may even be able to influence their decisions in a non-threatening, positive way.

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