The Year Ahead 2024 – Scorpio

Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Scorpio is the deepest, most emotionally driven sign.  Scorpios are loving, loyal, deep, and if things go bad, very dark.  It makes no difference if you are an extroverted or introverted Scorpio, in your presence, others will sense your intensity and need for control.

From early January, Scorpios’ traditional ruler Mars (motivation and achievement) contacts your Sun (core-essence) and as such your confidence and your physical energy should be quite good.

In setting yourself up for success, you can utilise this energy to decide on what you want to achieve during the upcoming year.  In other words, work out your strategy using the universe’s influence to maximise any opportunities. By mid-February – mid-March don’t be surprised if you are tested by either circumstances or other people. Things smooth out in April yet in May, Mars will stir up some action, and it is as likely that you may experience some strong opposition.

From the big-picture perspective, Scorpios will be provided opportunities for greater connection in relationships. As you feel the effects of Jupiter (growth and expansion)/Uranus (sudden change and awakening) you may experience greater confidence and the element of luck with the only possible downside being that you bite off more than you can chew!

As Jupiter continues its passage through Taurus creating the connection with Scorpio you will be touched by Jupiter’s expansive nature until 25 May. It will bring opportunities to grow and develop in ways you probably have not yet imagined. Additional levels of self-confidence will support this growth.  However, be mindful not to become overbearing or act arrogantly as Jupiter’s energy is double-sided. In addition, you may be guilty of overextending yourself or overindulging so on a mundane level you may find yourself having to watch the waistline! Physical exercise would be a great way to constructively use this energy on a day-to-day basis.

Do be careful of any conflict with the law.  If you are dealing with legal matters, you may lose.  However, in these circumstances, it would be wise to show your capacity to compromise.

From 5 September – 5 November, you be more assertive about getting what you want. It is likely you will feel as if you are more in flow and that feeling of confidence will be quite strong. This period will be quite good for making decisions and enable you to be clear about your intentions. Connections with other individuals should be quite favourable and any close relationship should be quite harmonious during this time.

Neptune (illusion) is in the final degrees of Pisces which forms a very easy and flowing aspect to your Sun. I suspect many of you have been exploring the deeper side of life which can take many forms; however, the more spiritual, philosophical and alternative methods are more likely than traditional practices.

From 6 December, Scorpio’s traditional ruler Mars (motivation and achievement) retrograde in Leo and slip back into Cancer on 7 January 2025 and start moving forward again on 25 February 2025. It looks like you’re going to have to revisit some of your decisions from earlier in 2024 as retrogrades usually suggest some sort of rework is necessary. It’s also likely that your energy levels may not be where you want them to be!

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